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        2006-10-04       Earthbound / King Crimson

Boz Burrell died on 21st Sep. 2006... when i was a teenager, i really loved King Crimson and Robert Fripp... but one day, i found Robert Fripp was really "great deciever"!!! from that period i hate Fripp's works, so then i sold all my King Crimson and Fripp's records and many bootlegs, except for 1st album and this "Earthbound" records... because King Crimson's 1st album is not Fripp's work, it's Ian McDonald's work for me... also his boring guitar work is not so featured on their 1st album yet... so it's a good way for me!! and Earthbound, i read a book Fripp didn't like this live album... of course i understood his mind easily, other members play R&B without Fripp!! i can listen to Fripp's perplexity so bad blues guitar!!! hahaha...!! he can't play Blues even he is called the great rock guitarist!! ha!! what the fake rock guitarist is!!
anyway this live album gave me a big influence to me when i was a high-school boy. when i listen to 1st track "21st Century Schizoid Man", i got a big shock! what the so heavy sound is!!! indeed, what is called the recording quality is kind of bad... maybe it was recorded by a portable tape-recorder... but it's so great sound quarity as the rock music!! if you have listened to "21st Century Schizoid Man" live version of their another live album "U.S.A.", you can understand what i say... "U.S.A." version is like a cheap heavy metal sounds even they live recorded by good recording systems! so when i discovered this album, i started to record my music by over-gain! if you've listened to my early works around 1980, you can find same atmosphere from some tracks...
and i really like this line-up, Boz sings very blusy by his beautiful voice, Ian Wallace's drumming is so heavy, Mel Collins plays the saxophone so mellow and Pete Sinfield puts so nice effects!! i prefer this line-up and the original line-up both to any other line-ups of King Crimson's history!! and this line-up's performance is the craziest in all of King Crison's history!!
when i released AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s "Electric Heavyland" from Alien8 Recording, i asked the designer of the label to make the artwork as copying of Earthbound! because the sound quarity is so bad and so heavy...
Fripp still keeps the name "King Crimson" for his recently group now... but it's already not King Crimson for me since 1981... (1981 King Crimson had another name "Discipline", but Fripp changed the name to King Crimson for getting more money!) but i'm not interested in another King Crimoson "21st Century Schizoid Band" too, even Ian McDonald and many good musicians of ex. King rimson play... why do they have to play only their old songs? it's a tragedy for musicians, especially Ian McDonald is a gifted musician... he chose the suicidal way as musician...
while an ungifted musician Fripp's recently King Crimson play so boring at first sight new style sound that is actually remake of past King Crimson's works... sadly this is a proof that Fripp is an ungifted musician...
anyway King Crimson is already dead for me...



        2006-10-03       Shakin' In Athens / V.A.

this is the compilation cd of 60s Greek garage groups! although there're not so different points of music style from american or british or even other countries' garage groups, of course something are different from other garage sounds! but it's not mean like for example, Crowns (track#4) play like a bit Greek music atmosphere...
it's so strange all groups have same atmosphere "downer", even their songs are very cheerful rock'n'roll!!! why? especially New Hopes (track#6), the vocalist sings like a serious case, even the band play vigorously... so their sound makes me "no hope" even their name is New Hopes!! and almost groups feature the organ players! it remains me Doors' atmosphere a bit!! also all tracks have so deep reverb!!! there is no cheerful groups on this compilation!! why?? except for only so cute and coquettish female vocalist Nelli Manou! (track#14) her singing remains me 60s French pops very much!!
anyway Greek garage sounds are a bit strange for me... maybe these such downer garage sounds made people suicide in Athen then like same as Damia in France?? hahaha...
so the garage sounds never make me get tired!!!

Shakin’ In Athens

        2006-10-02       Surf'n Bongo / The New Dimensions

what the great surf rock is!! mamma mia! too much reverb, so trippy!!! hahaha...
also they play with saxophone, piano and many percussions!!! they are the one of the most unique surf rock group. i don't surf, but i guess nobody can surf with their music!! i'm sure their music makes any surfers wipe out!! like surf rock from a hell!!!
this album is real acid surf rock!! by the way have they surfed???

Surf’n Bongo

        2006-10-01       Tribute To Bob Dylan / V.A.

i don't have any Bob Dylan's albums in my collection... i understand he is the one of the greatest folk singer, but i feel he is not so good musician... always his any back bands are so bad with his music... so i like his music but i don't want to have his any records... it's so strange reason... even Grateful Dead played with him, Dead's playing was not good fit him... i think Dylan has to sing just by alone or choose good musicians for him. maybe he doesn't understand the arrangement of his music...
this Dylan's cover album is much better than Dylan's original albums. of course Dylan sings in a skilled, severely controlled voice, but this album has more good atmosphere as good music even there is no Dylan's voice... some unknown folk singers (guys and woman) sing on this album. the sound is more cheap and psychedelic!! also the sleeve design is very nice too!! hahaha...
maybe i won't buy any Dylan's album in the furure too why i already have this album. but if he will release a solo album with just his electric guitar without any other musicians, also including all of my favorite songs, i'm very interested in listening to it!!!

Tribute To Bob Dylan

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