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        2006-09-30       Volumen 2 / Aguaturbia

Aguaturbia is the Chilean psychedelic group, this is their 2nd album in 1970. i don't know anything about their story... i discovered them when i bought the bootleg reissue LP of this 2nd album maybe 10 years ago. the sleeve of that bootleg was different, there was no members' photos... the front sleeve was the cheap copy of the inner sleeve on the gold paper! why did the guy who made that bootleg change the design? so when this album was reissued with this original sleeve, i couldn't know these are same records or not... when i bought this limited reissue LP (500 copies) with the original sleeve from Essex , i gave that bootleg to hiroshi.
the beginning of the album is reversed guitar sound! what so cool intro is!! the voice of the female vocalist (i couldn't find any names of the members on the sleeve...) is so coquettish and cute even their sound is hard rock and heavy blues like Zep or Grand Funk Railroad! her singing style is a kind of same way with Janis Joplin, but her voice is very different from Janis' voice... more like typical white female vocalists!! i don't like Janis Joplin's vocal very much why her singing is so strong that got many influence from gospel what i don't like so much.
they cover Grand Funk Railroad's "Heart Braker", it's so great cover version!!! also she changed the lyrics from "Heart Braker, Can't take her" to "Heart Braker, Can't take him"!! hahaha... although the original is rhymed, she didn't care about rhymes!!??
i love the female coquettish vocal with heavy rock!! so finally Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. got a new female vocalist!!! i'll announce more information on our website soon!!

Volumen 2


        2006-09-29       Chansons Des Troubadours - La Lyrique Occitane au Moyen Age - / Gerard Le Vot

this is the chant of Troubadours from Occitan in 12th and 13th century. the music is very naive and plain... Gerard Le Vot's chant is so deep also beautiful. of course the music is troubadours, not same as Occitan traditional music. although i love Occitan traditional music very much, i prefer troubadours as ever!! why are their music so beautiful and plain?
especially there are very few instruments playing on this album, the sound is amazing for me!! i can enjoy "silence" between each notes and sounds... although i told why so many western people prefer eastern spiritual things yesterday, why don't they discover this kind of beautiful thing from western? but maybe they will say me why i am so rationalist although i am an eastren people! hahaha... indeed! i can just believe my cosmos and my philosophy by my experience of whole in my life...
this record is the one of my favorite album as the best acid folk too. i have an idea to make one acid folk album in these years, if i can sing well...

Chansons Des Troubadours

        2006-09-28       Ah / Bhagavan Das

i really like suspicious-looking white guys whose looks like the Indian guru! i don't beleive any religions... but i like religious stuff, especially looks suspicious!
Bhagavan Das lived in India, he learnt from some Indian gurus. anyway his looks is like a guru too!! (you can see him from the photo of this back sleeve, and there're more his photos like a guru in inside of the gatefold sleeve too...)

the music is like a typical suspicious Indian chant... i like this kind of "not spiritual" atmosphere!!! hahaha...although the real great Indian chant music have really spiritual power, his chant makes me imagine just janky's fake chant!! but this is really rock for me!
why does so many western people believe like Hare Krsna also Rajneesh? these religions originated in India, but their believers are not Indian people, only western people!! it's so strange for me... why does so many western people perfer meditation and any suspicious spiritual things!???
anyway if you want to make music like this Das lived's record, you can do very easily... in the first you need to get a sitar or tambura, and i should sing like "Ahhhhhh...." with the instrument, that's all!! you don't need to live in India!!! of course you don't need to try meditation too!!! hahaha... this is really rock!!!


        2006-09-27       Live At The Venue London / Durutti Column

i saw Durutti Column in Osaka 1984. when i saw their show, i was surprised! because Vini Reilly played guitar and keybord both in same time! (but now i play 2 guitars both or guitar and violin both in same time... hahaha...) and Bruce Mitchell's drumming was great! before seeing their show, i didn't imagine how they play their songs by just 2 musicians...
i love their delicate and unique music. i don't remember how i discovered Durutti Column, maybe my girlfriend at that time recommended me their 2nd album "LC"... i remember we listened to their 1st album "The Return Of The Durutti Column", 2nd album "LC" and this live album together many times... especially i remember we listened to this album together on the bed just before sunrise. their music was really fit the world became so beautiful blue just before sunrise!! why can't any guys forget such memories with ex.girlfriends?
when Durutti Column got more members, i was not interested in their music... their new sounds was just like new age music for me... i prefer this line-up Vini and Bruce... (also i like just Vini solo too.)
when i listen to Durutti Column's this live album, i'm overwhelmed with a bittersweet feeling...

Live At The Venue London

        2006-09-26       Bohemian Vendetta / Bohemian Vendetta

Bohemian Vendetta is the 60s US garage group from NY, maybe you know. i love their so cheap bizarre garage sounds!! this album is the one of my favorite garage albums. i'm fascinated by their poor playing very much!! why do i feel this kind of poor playing garage sound is much better than the high-technical prog rock!? this is the one of the Wonder of the music... the guitar playing is amazing for me!! especially the guitar solo on "The House Of The Rising Sun" is as great as F.Zappa for me!!
although their strange "Satisfaction" cover is just copy from the cover version of the 60s US garage group The Vagrants that Leslie Weinstein (aka. Leslie West of Montain) played the guitar, i think it's the one of the best version of "Satisfaction". why did the guitarist and the bassist play different mode each others?
when i'll be more older, i'd like to form one garage group like them...

Bohemian Vendetta

        2006-09-25       Y / The Pop Group

i liked The Pop Group when i was a junior high-school boy, although i didn't prefer what is called "New Wave" so much... i was interested in New Wave just when it was born in late 70s, like Joy Division, Gang Of Four, T.G., Cabaret Voltaire, Dome and something else of early New Wave groups. they were unique, especially their earlier period. when i heard this The Pop Group's 1st album in the first time, i got a big shock, espcially from Mark Stewart's great voice! i believed he used a kind of fuzz pedal for his voice in the first moment. so we called his voice "natural fuzz voice"! and i was surprised they were so younger, not so different from my age! but their sound was so nice for me, mixtured rock, funk, free jazz ang dub! i remember then i was sure my music (with my early group Baroque Bordello) was on a kind of the same way with them. also i loved this front sleeve that was the photo of "Mad men" in Papua New Guinea. and anyway what the great name is! The Pop Group!?
i'm still listening to The Pop Group's 3 albums often now even i don't listen any New Wave records so much now... it remains me when i was a junior hich-school boy! i know it's what is called "New Wave revival" from several years ago. but why people prefer only Cure or Joy Division...? they must discover The Pop Group!! because their sound was much real "New Wave" than other groups... if there will be many bands like post-The Pop Group instead of post-Cure or post-Joy Division, it'll be much better!! why do young musicians prefer so easy way?


        2006-09-24       Arabas / Mariza Koch

Mariza Koch is a Greek female singer. i discovered her at one record shop in Athens. then i tried to find any 60s and 70s great Greek psychedelic music, so i asked many shop owners they knew any good Greek psychedelias. Athens is the very great city for getting psychedelic vinyls. there are lots of record shops, almost shops have many many psychedelic records!! why?? does Greek people like psychedelic music so much???
Mariza Koch's music is a very great Greek psychedelic music for me. her sound is really Greek also middle-eastern (especially very simliar with Turkish) style with psychedelic rock. i don't know about her anything, just i bought her all of 1st ~ 4th albums. (one shop owner tought me her discography from the 70s Greek rock catalogue.) i remember this is her 1st album (1970). her voice is a kind of strange also unique for me, it remains me Catherine Ribeiro + Alps although even their voices are so different... because her voice is very mystic and deep for me... and the sound is like a very good "cheaper" trippy cosmic session with the middle-eastern atmosphere!!
usually i can't remember names of musicians, bands and titles of the albums so much, also i don't chack any record catalogues too, i can remember always just sleeves. but i really look for good records what i haven't known and listened. ... so i have to believe my 6th sence as a vinyl junky. sometime i bought very boring records even someone recommended me as the good psychedelic records... anyway i'm very glad to discover Mariza Koch!!


        2006-09-23       The Thousand Angels / The Amigos

oh my god... what the funny record is! i bought it at "religion" section at the record shop. i'm interested in what is called "religion folk", i have many this kind of stupid bad music records in my temple. but this is the one of the most funny one!! also the music is just pops! if it would not be in "religion" section also it would be the different sleeve like same as this back sleeve that there is the members' photo, i'm sure i would never buy it!! the names of their songs are "A Love Song To Jesus", "Jesus, Let Me Love You More", "Mama's Prayer" like this... also it was released from Heart To Heart Records, what the name of the label is!! and "The Amigos"!...what the funny name is!!! and their looks (on the back sleeve) is so funny too!! when i found it at the record shop, i thought if i would't buy it, i would regret very much... so i bought it!!

i have a question, who buy this kind of stupid records? if they have a gig, maybe no drinking, no smoking, no drugs there...? unfortunately i like this kind of so-called "peaceful" pops... oh my god! why i like it!? Jesus, please let me know!

The Thousand Angels

        2006-09-22       Is It Too Late? / Duke Edwards & The Young Ones

when i bought this Duke & The Young Ones' album, i didn't know anything about them. so when i found his name Duke Edwards as the drummer on the history of Rhinoceros, i was surprised. because the sound of this album is so strange, like the poetly reading and gospel with free jazz and psychedelic improvisation, very different from Rhinoceros...
why i bought this record, because the photo of the front sleeve! one black guy (Duke Edwards) puts his hands on the two hippie looks guys' (one is white, another is black) heads, he is like black Jesus! i like this kind of suspicious and bizarre image very much!! but i found it in what is called "soul & funk" section at the record shop, so i imagined the sound would be just 60s soul music... but when i listened to this first track, i was so surprised! because it was just poetly reading with so psychedelic minimal music!! what's this!? although unfortunately i can't understand his lyrics, maybe a kind of cosmic messages...?
i read Duke Edwards worked with Sun Ra in early 60s, it's indeed... if all soul music is like this, i'm sure i really would love soul music very much... anyway this album is one of "cosmic black music" for me.

Is It Too Late?

        2006-09-21       Lord Death's Counting Song / Shoko Asahara

i collect any religious goods, it doesn't matter which religion. i'm an unbeliever, i believe only my cosmos. anyway religious goods are very bizarre also Kitsch for me.
hahahaha... it's so stupid record! Asahara Shoko is the leader of Japanese cult Aum Shinri Kyo that they killed many people in Subway by sarin in Tokyo. the judge sentenced him to death. that period, my whole neighborhood misunderstood we were Aum!!! that's why, i lost my big flat where we lived together...
before Asahara and believers were arrested, Aum Shinri Kyo released many kind of goods for propagation, books, videos, cassette tapes, stickers... but then i didn't collect their goods, because the looks were not cool, not beautiful for my collection... although then i heard their music from some TV programs, the music were horrible!! i was not interested... but when i found this bootleg EP recently, suddenly i wanted to buy it... oh man... i'm so stupid!!! because the reason is just it is vinyl!!!
the music is still so horrible and childish! Asahara's voice is absolutely no charismatic、just super bad singing with cheap karaoke echo... especially "Sonshi's March" on side-B is like very bad copy of 70s Japanese monster TV program's theme!!! hahahaha! it's one of proof of that Aum Shinri Kyo was very childish...
anyway record shopping and religious goods collecting are my bad habits... i know, but i can't stop...

Lord Death’s Counting Song

        2006-09-20       Wszystko Mi Mowi, Ze Mnie Ktos Pokochal / Skaldowie

Skaldowie is the famous 60s Polish beat group, this their 2nd album. although their music seems to change into progressive rock in 70s, i don't have their other albums. the sound seems many influence from British beat groups same as almost 60s beat groups in the world at that moment. although their chorus is very beautiful and mellow, female chorus group Ali Babki support too, so it brings good results.
i don't like the Beatles, i've never felt any emotion from their music in my life... but i like many 60s beat group even they got many influence from The Beatles... why? The Beatles have some good songs what i like, but always someone's cover version are much better than their original version... usually the original version is the best, the original version must be better than any covers...
Skaldowie's music gives me many emotion, even their music is like pops or soft rock style! i feel Skaldowie's music is much pure than The Beatles... The Beatles'music is all make-believe for me... i'm very interested in Skaldowie's 70s works, how did their sound change to more like prog rock style?

Wszystko Mi Mowi, Ze Mnie Ktos Pokochal

        2006-09-19       The Roar Of '74 / Buddy Rich

i love Buddy Rich's drumming! his drumming is really great "Rock" drumming, also makes me associate Ian Paice of Deep Purple!! i'm sure he could be the one of the greatest rock drummer in the rock history, if he played rock...
i like this records for a long time since i didn't know what jazz was... because i felt his drumming and music were just rock for me. this record is much much better than fuckin' Miles' "Bitches Brew" that is the one of the most boring jazz record for me!
why any recently rock drummers don't play like him? in 60s and early 70s, almost rock drummers played jazz or blus before playing rock, so their drummings were so unique and amazing! but from middle 70s, many new drummers got influence from them especially John Bonham style... after that period, the rock drumming became boring... like everyone play same style...
i really love between late 60s and early 70s drummers, their drummings are like lead drums or singing drums for me! always i'm looking for this kind of drummer!!! why do recently drummers prefer keeping steady so much!? i really wanted to form the hard psychedelic group with Buddy Rich!!!
he played with flying drumkit!! you can see it from here.

The Roar Of ’74

        2006-09-18       All Jazzed Up / Franz Loffler & Pierre Favre

this is "All jazzed up", but not jazz for me, maybe for you too... the guitarist Franz Loffler and the drummer Pierre Favre cover Bach's songs with fake jazz swing beat... i don't like Bach why his composing was so geometric for me. but of course i can't listen to any recording of his real live playing by his hands, so if he played improvisation, i'm not sure i might like his music...? in these years, i re-started to listen to Bach's works again, i think anyway his music is much better than other ultra boring recently music even in the underground scene.
this is the typical "bad" music... the guitar playing is like "bad" classic guitar meets "bad" fake 50s surf guitar... the drumming is never swinging!! after all, i can't imagine Bach's music can fit jazz swing beat... but of course this is much much better than many fuckin' baroque music covers by heavy metal guitars!!
why do i like so "bad" music? i have tons of records of this kind of music that is so-called "easy listening music" in my temple! oh man... anyway this kind of "bad" music makes me relax, this record is much much better than Yo-Yo Ma's works! hahaha... but what would Bach think if he would listen to this record? i wish he would love it!!! maybe no...?

All Jazzed Up

        2006-09-17       Chavo de Onda / Theree Souls In My Mind

Theree Souls In My Mind is well known as the one of the Mexican Psychedelic groups also their 1st and 2nd albums are the very rare records. when i played in Mexico City on JNMF tour, of course i and Tsuyama went to record shops in next day of the show! although i wanted to get some Mexican Psychedelic original vinyls and Mexican pressing ABBA LPs and EPs, i found some ABBA's records, it was easily... whereas it was too difficult to find Mexican psychedelic records... anyway i already guessed, so i was not disappointed this result. fortunately i found some records of Mexican 60's garage bands and this record! Theree Souls In My Mind changed their sound to blues rock from psychedelic, so the sound is like Mexican blues rock. Alejandro Lora (bass & vocal) is very known as Alex Lora of El Tri that is the super famous group in Mexico. anyway i don't know so much about Theree Souls In My Mind...
the title song "Chevo de Onda" is also well known by 90's Mexican heavy metal group Moderatto's cover. of course i've never hard the Moderatto's cover version. anyway this original version by Theree Souls In My Mind is started by Alejandro Lora's great husky voice with old-fashioned reverb! and their sound is the very bizarre blues rock for me... i really prefer this kind of bizarre blues rock to an orthodox school American R&B. i don't know Mexican people feel same as me or not... but usually anyone loves bizarre atmosphere with "exotic" feeling. so why many western people are interested in Japanese 60's garage music (so-called "Group Sounds" in Japan) what i'm not so interested.

Chavo de Onda

        2006-09-16       Glory Of The Inner Force / Finch

this is the first album of Dutch instrumental prog group Finch. their sound is like between Yes and Camel, very technical, powerful and groovy, but delicate and mellow. the bass playing is like Chris Squir!! also the organ playing is like Tony Kaye too! and especially the guitarist Joop Van Nimwegen's playing is very beautiful... absolutely different from my fuzz wah guitar style! hahaha...
i re-start listening to prog rock in 1999 when Tsuyama joined with AMT. before then i stoped to listen to any prog rock albums for 6 years although i loved prog rock since when i was a junior high school boy. because i felt prog rock was too much technical music... but i re-descovered prog rock again! i'm not interested in any techical side, so i still don't listen to any stuff of R.I.O. / Recommended Records and some Jazz Rock (similar with so-called Fusion!) now... i prefer more hotter prog rock, not cool, not clever!! Finch is really rock for me! if i'll make 2nd album of Kawabata Makoto & The Mothers of Invasion, i want to play like Finch, Mahavishnu Orchestra or Santana!!!

glory of the inner force

        2006-09-15       Telemusik, Mixture / Karlheinz Stockhausen

finally i came back to my temple in last night... i had Maquiladora Japan tour and Japanese New Music Festival US & Mexico tour from the middle of August to the middle of September for one month without pause...
the first record that i choose with the big jet lag was the one of the most memorial record in my life, Stockhausen's Telemusik! when i was a primary schoolchild (maybe 11 years old), i heard this recording first time from the radio in midnight. then i was not so interested in listening to the music, just i liked listen the radio in midnight. but when i listened to this musique concrete, i got the very big shock!! because it was very similar sound with my ringing that i always have heard in my ears!! (i believed this sound was the message from U.F.O.!!) in that moment, i thought my ringing might be a kind of music too..., also i discovered the one of my favorite music!! when i was 9 or 10 years old, i discovered what is called drone sound from the Indian traditional music. i've loved the drone sounds since that period.
since that night when i discovered Stockhausen's music, i recorded this radio program in each week, and i listened to these cassette tapes every day. (this radio program played Stockhausen's music in each weeks for more than one month.) of course then i didn't discovered Rock yet...
"Telemusik" was recorded at NHK electronics music studio Japan in 1966. he used many field recordings from Japan and other countries for this musique concrete.
when i listen to "Telemusik", always i remember that night when i listened it first time...


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