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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



        2006-08-15       Onna Wa Sore O Gaman Dekinai / Ohshida Reiko

Ohshida Reiko is the sexy actress from the middle 60's to the middle 70s in Japan. she won what is called The Miss teenage queen world tournament, too. "Zubeko Bancho (Delinquent Girl Boss)" series is her famous action films that are a root of what is called Pinky Violence film. (the photo of the front cover of the Pinky Violence Collection dvd box is her!) she didn't become naked on her Zubeko Bancho series, not same as Ike Reiko who is my favorite 70s Japanese porno actress and plays "Sukeban Guerilla (Girl Boss Guerilla)" series and more great porno action films. also she plays on the great sexy TV drama "Play Girl" too.
this is her 1st album (1971), the song of the album title is her hit song, and Ike Reiko covers it on her album too. some her films' theme songs and some famous songs' covers are included on this album. "Yume Wa Yoru Hiraku" is well known as Sono Mari's hit song, also more well known why Fiji Keiko covers too! also she coveres "Showa Blues" that is well known as my favorite cool actor Amachi Shigeru's hit, too! although i love Amachi's "Showa Blues" that is the ending theme song of his masterpiece TV drama "Hijoh No License", i like her cute cover version too. she is not good singer, and not sexy singing style (not like Ike Reiko's sexy style), she sings by what is called normal pop style! but her singing is so coquettish!! i really love this kind of late 60s and early 70s Japanese coquettish pops!! it is much fit with my erotic sence than 60's and 70's French pops!! i'm sure i'm a typical Japanese guy!!

Onna Wa Sore O Gaman Dekinai


        2006-08-14       Freakout!! / Freakout Guitars

finally i finished the recording and the mixing of AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s new album "Myth Of The Love Electrique" in last night. i heard AMT's loud sounds too many times in these days for mixing... so my ears really needed to rest in last night, i didn't listened to anything after the mixing... today, i restarted to listen to the music, but i need rehabilitation for my dameged ears step by step... so i choose this stupid record.
even they said "Freakout!!" also their name is "Freakout Guitars", but absolutely No Freakout on this record! hahahaha...! this is the typical easy listening record, they play "Ruby Tuesday" and other famous songs by guitars with tremolo and echo without fuzz and wah!! the sound is like a very bad surf band!! maybe they don't understand what "freakout" is... anyway my ears don't need to work for this kind of music... i can listen to it as just BGM. but unfortunately i discovered a few interested unique parts from even such stupid album! oh man... anyway i have to listen to "easy listening" music more easily with looking at this beautiful woman's photo on the sleeve...!!


        2006-08-13       A House All On Fire / Maquiladora

Maquiladora will come to Japan from this Wednesday 16th of August. i organized 12 gigs in 2 weeks for them, and play as the guest guitarist on 9 gigs. i'm really happy to play with them again. i really enjoy to play the guitar with good singers especially folk singers much more than play with boring experimental improvisers!!
this is their latest album (they released a new mini album after it), what the shocking sleeve is!! all sleeves of their past albums were too restrained for me. (why are any sleeves of recently underground music too restrained? maybe the musicians believe it is "artistic"!? i don't like this idea and this kind of art works... because no impression!!) but i got a big impression when i saw this sleeve! i don't know why...? anyway this picture made me so anxious...
i really like their music since their 1st album. although their sound was so floating and so mellow for me, i felt little different atmosphere from this album. their sound became more heavy and dark than their past works... i imagined like a scene of daily life with absurdity and impractical same as strange dreams. their music is still so mellow and beautisul, but i feel insanity very much... i know they're so nice and kindly guys, not mad men... why can they play so insanity music? i've felt same insanity atmosphere from Beach Boys. (of course i don't know their personalities...)
anyway i'm really looking forward to play with them in this time!!! it'll be the music of the strange dreams in the summer...?

A House All On Fire

        2006-08-12       Extensions 2 / Les Percussions De Strasbourg

i don't like what is called rhythmic music... i think i don't like the music from the tropics, so i hate Reggae, and i don't like Cuban music, Afro music, also even Indonesian kecak and gamelan too... this kind of music is just makes people dance by strong rhythm, it makes me so boring... i believe the terrible climate cultivates good music. a rich harvest in nature makes people lazy, they play only dance music... also the pain of living cultivates good music!
i like purcussion ensemble groups of contemporary music. of course they never play like African beat what i don't like. they play "music" by percussion ensemble!! not play "rhythm" !!! rhythm is just one constituent of music, it means rhythm is not music for me. so i don't like Hip Hop, Techno, House music and so-called Tribal music too!
this record is what the purcussion ensemble Les Percussions De Strasbourg play Francis Miroglio's songs for only purcussion. although they play just many kind of percussion, they play exactly "music", not "rhythm"!! i think the first song for just percussion was Edgar Varese's "Ionisation"... of course it was the one of the revolutional song in the music history, Miroglio and many composers should get lots of influence from him. also F.Zappa too...! i feel this kind of purcussion music releases the purcussion from the spellbinding called "rhythm".
why does anyone prefer to play rhythm when they have any percussion?

Extensions 2

        2006-08-11       Worship The Sun As The Destroyer Of Dreams / Buzz Or Howl

Buzz Or Howl are Bruce Mckenzie and Eric Nielsen both from San Diego based acid folk trio Maquiladora. but their sound is completely different from Maquiladora's floating folk music. this very limited cdr (only 96 copies!) has been released by Maquiladora's label Lotushouse.
i know Bruce likes what is called Japanese Underground Music like Maher Shalal Hash Baz, High Rise, Fushitsusha, Ghost and something else since when i met him first time in 1998. also he likes many kind of music, tradtional, ethnic, classic, jazz, country, blues, experimental, too. so his guitar playing is sometime very unique in Maquiladora's music. one time, he said he was recording by the slide guitar and the Indian instrument harmonium as just private recording. i got this private recording from him in next year, it was so droney and dreamy, so beautiful music. when Maquiladora came to Japan in 2004, i had a chance to play with Bruce as duo. i played the hurdygurdy, Bruce played my harmonium that was not good condition. we enjoyed a lot. then i was sure he had very similar mind about music with me.
this Buzz Or Howl's album is so droney and dreamy too, also beautiful!! their sound is different from my drone stuff. because their music shows traces of their pleasant personality, so peaceful and so tender!!
why did they release it only 96 copies!? many people will love their music!! if you're interested, check out their website. http://www.buzzorhowl.com/

Worship The Sun As The Destroyer Of Dreams

        2006-08-10       Onna No Blues / Fuji Keiko

Fuji Keiko is the one of my favorite female enka ballad singer. this is her 2nd album (1970) including her 2nd single "Onna No Blues". (her 1st single "Shinjuku No Onna" and 3rd single "Yume Wa Yoru Hiraku" are included in her 1st album...) Fuji Keiko had big success since the biginning of her music career. the great songwriter Ishizaka Masao found her, he wrote many lyrics for her. the record company arranged the image of unhappiness to her, so all songs are very dark and sad atmosphere what japanese people likes...
i love her voice, so deep and so beautiful!! when i was a child, my mother didn't make me listen to any popular music what she hated. so she made me listen to only classical music. but she didn't care about only Fuji Keiko, because she likes Fuji Keiko's singing very much!! always my mother told me how unhappy Fuji Keiko was when she was a child. so i felt more sad atmosphere from her singing... when i was 16 years old, i found one Fuji Keiko's record at the record shop. then i was going to buy some hard rock or prog rock records... but suddenly i bought this Fuji Keiko album. it was this 2nd album. finally i discovered her again, her singing was my first experience of blues in my life... i've heard her records since that period many many times. when i go to Karaoke (very rare!), always i sing Fuji Keiko's songs...hahaha... anyway i really want to play with her even just one song... it's my dream... because she is my favorite blues singer...
she retired in 1979, she moved to Hawaii and NY, but made a comeback 3 years later. she moved to NY again and gave birth to a baby girl in 1983. Fuji Keiko, her husband and their daughter Utada Hikaru formed the unit "U3" in 1990 and played in NY, also they released one album by themselves in 1995. Utada Hikaru made a debut as a J-Pop singer in 1998, she got a super big success. then Fuji Keiko cancelled her contract with the record company, it means Fuji Keiko completely retired. young japanese people doesn't know Fuji Keiko, they know her only as Utada Hikaru's mother... oh man...!

Onna No Blues

        2006-08-09       For Dead Heads Only / Grateful Dead

in the first, i'm not Dead Heads...just one Grateful Dead fan. this is a bootleg of Grateful Dead, live recorded in San Francisco on 1st of March 1968. of course just original members play on this cd. especially i like Pigpen's organ playing, i like this line-up very much. i can listen to "Dark Star", "St. Stephen", "The Eleven" and "Turn On Your Lovelight" that tracks are included in Live Dead album in 1969, on this bootleg. i was interested in listening to these tracks by just original members (without Tom Constanten and Mickey Hart)... because i was interested why they changed the sound so much after Aoxomoxoa in 1969. ("Cosmic Charlie" and "St. Stephen" from Aoxomoxoa are included in this bootleg.) so this live recording may mean the one of the transition point for them? i really like to listen to Grateful Dead's live recordings especially between 1966 and 1974. because their sound was so caostic in that period for me...

For Dead Heads Only

        2006-08-08       Greatest Hits & More / The Shangri-las

i love The Shangri-las very much. this compilation cd of The Shangri-las is very good for the driving, because 24 tracks are included. especially the one of my favorite greatest producer George "Shadow" Morton's works are so amazing even still now! his produce is so unique, also very different from Phill Spector's works. his sounds are so heavy and dark, and there're many monologue parts also many SE too. i feel The Shangri-las' sound is so different from any other 60's girls groups, and their sound is really heavy garage sound for me... sometime the drums' sound is so heavy and distortional, also echo and reverb for vocals are so deep!! i really like this kind of freak-out sound with cute female voices! The Shangri-las' tracks that produced by Shadow Morton are one of my favorite female psychedilic music same as Nico with V.U.
even so why is The Shangri-las' music so dark and heavy???

Greatest Hits & More / The Shangri-las

        2006-08-07       Best 20 / The 5th Dimension

sometime i prefer this kind of the compilation album what is called "Deluxe Best album"!! the gatefold sleeve is so heavy and thick. there are lots of pages in inside of the sleeve, of course included many photos too!
i like The 5th Dimension just as a beautiful chorus group same as Mamas & Papas.
usually we can find their records in "R&B Soul" section at the record shops. but anybody have never told about them on the history of Soul music!! because their songs were composed by white people, Jimmy Webb and Laura Nyro, also they covered Mamas & Papas' songs. so people called them "Black Mamas & Papas"!
but i didn't know anything about them when i saw their 1st album "Up Up & Away" at the record shop in 1982 or 83 (i was a high-school boy!)... i had a big question "what sound is from 5th Dimension? maybe it seems so cool!!" i couldn't imagine anything about the music from 5th dimension then... of course 5th dimension means just their name of the group... but i had too much illusion from their cool name! and when finally i heard their song "Up Up & Away" from a radio couple months later from that moment, i was so disapponited! of course their music was just a beautiful pops for me... not music from the real 5th dimension! i was so stupid!!
but i like to listen to this kind of beautiful pops with the working and driving. this kind music makes me forget that the music is my job. so i can enjoy their music without my musician's mind!!
also it's amazing that only one LP has 20 songs!! (because usually about 10 songs...) of course i got it by 100 yen (less than $1) at the record shop!! yeah!!

Best 20 / The 5th Dimension

        2006-08-06       Trouble In Paradise / The Souther Hillman Furey Band

The Souther Hillman Furey Band are J.D. Souther who is well known singer song writer by his big hit "You're Only Lonely", Chris Hillman (ex.The Byrds) and Richie Furay (ex.Buffalo Springfield, ex.Poco), they were formed by the J.D.'s manager David Geffen to become what is called a super session group by good musicians same as CSN&Y. (David Geffen believed J.D. is a good musician, but he couldn't get big success yet...) but The S.H.F. Band couldn't get success... although i like these groups what they had played before, The S.H.F. Band are like a compilation of these groups... unfortunately each members' personality are too much clearly, even they are too restrained than their friends Eagles and Jackson Brown... so what is the individuality of The S.H.F. Band?
i feel restrained musicians' grief and hope from this album. it was released in 1975. and finally J.D. Souther got the super big success in 1979, after The S.H.F. Band... C'est la vie...

Trouble In Paradise

        2006-08-05       Stuntman / Edgar Froese

this is the 5th solo album of Edgar Froese who is well known as the leader of Tangerine Dream. i love Tangerine Dream (not only earlier!) and his solo works since when i was probably 14 years old. i discovered Tangerine Dream from the midnight radio program. the radio station didn't care even their songs were so long for that program! i remember i listened to Tangerine Dream's songs by a headphone with so loud volume! because i felt so much "Rock" for their electronic music more than Aerosmith that was so popular in that moment. and i love Edgar Froese's solo works too. there're many "sequence music", but i'm not interested in almost this kind of music, except for only Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze and something else...
i remember my friend in a same high school said me "probably all music will be like Edgar Froese's sequence music in 21st century... only computers will play music for people! there won't be any musicians, there will be only programmers!" of course there are still lots of musicians in the world! he didn't come up to his expectations... too bad! hahaha...


        2006-08-04       Rainy Day Raga / Peter Walker

Peter Walker is the american guitarist, he travelled through Spain and North Africa and he had lived in Mexico, also listened to Indian classical music. he became musical director for Timothy Leary's 'Celebrations. Timothy Leary said "Peter Walker plays on the ancient protein strings of the genetic code." i know only these things about him just from the back sleeve of this record.
the sound is American folk music meets Indian classical music by the acoustic guitar. i have some records that the sound is like this... maybe many guitarists tried to play the acoustic guitar like sitar in that period in 1966 and 67!! but this kind of records make me boring... because if you tune the guitar some kinds of open D and play like some Indian scales, you can play like this kind of music easily. i learnt how to play "fake Indian classical" style with the guitar from one record of Ravi Shankar's "Live at The Monterey International Pop Festival" when i was a high-school boy! it was a very good text of how to play typical Indian classic music.
Peter Walker plays not just like Indian classical style, more American folk music atmosphere. but maybe if he recorded it recently, the sound might be just super boring healing music!?? i think why this record is good, it is the one of a magic of 60's psychedelic culuture, isn't it?
anyway i'm not sure this record is fit with LSD!? hahaha...!!!

Rainy Day Raga

        2006-08-03       Live in U.S.A. / P.F.M.

always this P.F.M.'s live album encourages me!! P.F.M.(Premiata Forneria Marconi) is the one of my favorite prog rock group for a long time. thier sound is typical prog rock for me!! they have almost good things of prog rock in their sound!! what the great band is!! although they're very technical (i think the one of the most high-technical group in the world), their sound is absolutely just "Rock"!!! so their live performance is so great, absolutely Rock with high-technical playing!!
of course you know they're from Italy, so their sound is different from British prog rock... very cheerful music!!
and of course Mauro Pagani plays violin and flute here!! (after Mauro Pagani left from the group, i'm not interested them so much...) this time when they recorded it, was the best period of P.F.M., also they were the greatest live band. so this live album is sure to be great! maybe should i practice the guitar again from today!? no way!!
this live album also has released with a different title "Cook" too.

Live in U.S.A.

        2006-08-02       Siirler Turkuler / Ruhi Su

i really love Turkish music. i don't remember when i discovered Turkish music in the first time... i just remember that i bought one record of the Turkish dance music by saz when i was 17 years old. (it was not so-called "belly dance" record, it was the real field recording in Turky.) because i liked the photo of front sleeve then! that photo was a dancing sexy Turkish woman! hahaha... anyway i like Turkish music from then.
also when i was a chef of a Turkish restaurant, i could listen to lots of Turkish music all the time there. so i remembered many many Turkish tradishional songs in that period.
when i went to Turky with Musica Transonic in 1998, i bought many records and instruments. then i asked the Turkish organizer "who is the greatest and the most unique saz player?" he answered "Ruhi Su!", and he said Ruhi Su gave influence to even the Turkish psychedelia Erkin Korai!! so i looked for Ruhi Su's records in Istanbul.
when i listend to Ruhi Su's record in the first time, i was a little surprised. because i imagined he would play the saz very faster like Ravi Shankar... but his music is not like that, he play the saz more slow, also he sings by his so deep voice!!! wow!! this is like the Turkish country blues or the great Turkish acid folk for me! i really love his voice!!! what the deep voice is!! of course his saz playing is so beautiful too!!!
i really want to go back to Turky as soon as possible...!

Siirler Turkuler

        2006-08-01       Music From Close Encpunters Of The Third Kind / The Electric Moog Orchestra

of course you know the famous film "Close Encpunters Of The Third Kind", also you know the soundtrack of this film too. that soundtrack was composed by John Williams. this record is that The Electric Moog Orchestra (E.M.O.???) cover this soundtrack by only Moog synthesizer. many records that the famous songs are played by Moog synthesizers has been already released in the world... usually almost this kind of records are not so spacy even they use Moog synthesizers! but E.M.O. play more freak out! some parts are absolutely just cosmic sounds like old-fashioned electro-acoustic music!! by the way, who was the first playing the electronics sound as the sound of the universe? it is commonly accepted there isn't any sound in the universe because there is no air. why did this first person choose this electronics sound as the sound of the universe? of course it's normal at present that we feel this kind of electronics sound makes us imagine the universe. but can you imagine that the electronics sound is fit the image of the universe before nobody has played it!? i really want to know who was the first... maybe in the middle of 50's? i think the almost soundtracks of 50's SF films are played by orchestra... was "Forbidden Planet"(1956) the first???
unfortunately i can't find any information about members of E.M.O. on the sleeve. anyway i'm sure E.M.O. is much better than E.L.O. for me. hahaha...

Music From Close Encpunters Of The Third Kind

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