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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-07-31       La Fete Sur Le Parvis Nostre-Dame / La Maurache

La Maurache is the ensemble of the music during middle-ages and the renaissance.
they play songs and dances at the time of the cathedrals on this album.
i don't know so much things about them... there is one japanese female player in the group. but i think she didn't join them yet at this time.
there are lots of my favorite songs in this album. i like to listen same middle-aged songs by different players. so i find some players play very good, some players play not so good... i like this group, because they play like acid-folk atmosphere for me. especially their ensemble is so nice, the sound is not like too much technocal. (i guess of course they have very great technic too) also not so much solemn. i can imagine probably musicians of middle-ages played like them. i can smell middle-ages air from their sounds...
i discovered this album when i started to listen the ancient music. but even still now, i like this album very much. this is the one of the best acid-folk album for me!

La Fete Sur Le Parvis Nostre-Dame


        2006-07-30       Delayed / Algarnas Tradgard

i didn't know the one of the greatest Swedish psychedelic group Algarnas Tradgard had released 2nd album!! i see, it was never released although this album was recorded in 1973 - 74 (after 2 years touring).
their first album is the one of my favorite psychedelic album in my life. but this 2nd album is a little different sound from their 1st. more heavy and dark! they play more prog-psychedelic style! a little simllar with Amon Duul2!!! and there're some same atmosphere with 1st album, but more spacy!! wow!! this album is so great too!!
their composition is so beautiful, but the sound is cheap... especially fuzz guitar! i love this kind of cheap fuzz guitar with prog rock very much!! it makes me feel more psychedelic atmosphere than just prog rock atmosphere...
i'm very glad to discover this album!!


        2006-07-29       A Love Affair / The Golden Leaves

i don't know anything about this album and the group "The Golden Leaves" also even any names of members... just i understand there is a sitar player, when i saw photos of members on the back sleeve. the sound is just mood music, cover of famous songs... but just one thing, a sitar player plays almost importante melodies!
i can guess maybe it was recorded around 1967, because there is a sitar player... i don't prefer Indian traditional music by sitar so much... i prefer sitar sounds with other music, like pops, rock, jazz, etc... because Indian traditional music by sitar makes me feel too much technical...! i love Indian traditional music by voice, harmonium, sarangi, vina, violin, flute, nei and something else, anyway except for sitar. but i'm interesting just the sound of sitar, it's so nice. also sitar can make the typical fake psychedelic atmosphere very easiely! hahaha...
i don't know why sitar with a mood music ensemble!? anyway the front sleeve is so good! i love it! (so i bought it!) i can enjoy this stupid record before sleeping...

A Love Affair

        2006-07-28       Stick It In Your Ear / Na Cabarfeidh

Na Cabarfeidh is a contemporary celtic groups with 3 highland bagpipes. i can enjoy bagpipes' sound from this record very much. i've really loved the sound of the bagpipe since i discovered it when i was a student of a primary school. especially i love the drone and melody that is never breathed in and out! when i find any records of the bagpipe in the record shops, always i buy them. (also i bought a scotish bagpipe at a music store in San Francisco in 1998!)
by the way when i went to Sardegna first time, i saw the concert of Sardinian pipers. their pipes don't have air bags!!! they play some pipes same time by circular breath!! like human bagpipes!! i was so surprised! also they added and take off a part of pipe to change the length... it means changing keys!! amazing!!!
anyway who did make the first bagpipe? it's the one of the greatest instrument for me!

Stick It In Your Ear

        2006-07-27       Jazz Of Two Cities / Waren Marsh

Waren Marsh is the one of my favorite tenner saxophone player. this is his first leader album. his playing is not strong, not aggressive, very mellow and warm. and his improvisation is so beautiful!! of course he learnt from Lennie Tristano.
i don't like John Coltrane, because his playing is just stereotyped boring improvisation for me. no impressed... i can't understand why many many people loves his music... Waren Marsh's playing is completely opposite way from Coltrane's playing. stereotyped improvisation like Coltrane is kind of easy way for playing. so after Coltrane, everyone started to play like him. because it is the proof that like Coltrane playing is not so difficult for saxophone players. whereas who can play like Waren Marsh? although he was called his works were kind of plagiarized works, it was one of the typical way of Tristano's style that the songs are not important than improvisation. i recognize Coltrane was the genius of composing so great themes, it is also opposite from Waren Marsh too. so which is better?
why i like Waren Marsh so much...? maybe one reason is he is not black people. of course i like many black jazz musicians, also i don't like many white jazz musicians... but why he is a white people, so he could play different style from other jazz giants...
i read a book about him there were only a bed, a chair, a music stand, bottles of coke and boxes of Marlboro in his room. and he died on the stage when he was playing "Out Of Nowhere"...

Jazz Of Two Cities

        2006-07-26       Chants du Peuple ROM / Lalia Dimitrievitch

Lalia Dimitrievitch is a female gypsy singer. i don't know her about anything except for this record.
i really like European trad and troubador maybe much more than any other music. especially i really like thier singing, what the powerful and beautiful is! Lalia Dimitrievitch's singing makes me rouse. she has so beautiful husky voice like the typical gypsy singinger. i don't like female gospel, blues and soul singers so much. because their singings are too strong for me. (also i don't like what is called Black music so much...) but European female singers (even they sing so powerful) are not same as female gospel singers. their singings are more delicate, lyrical, sometime sorrowfully even they sing so powerful! maybe their sing style fits our Japanese atmosphere.
but if she is my mother (of course i don't know anything what she is like), she is too strong for me... why European women are looks so stronger...?

Chants du Peuple ROM

        2006-07-25       The Inter Gallactic Touring Band / The Inter Gallactic Touring Band

oh man... what makes me listen such The Inter Gallactic Touring Band today!? this is one of the project of the session with many many musicians. Annie Haslam of Renaissance, Rod Argent, Arthur Brown, Clarence Clemons, Dave Cousins of Strawbs, Larry Fast of Synergy, Percy Jones of Brand X, Ben E.King, Meatloaf, Rick Parfett+Francis Rossi of Status Quo, Anthony Phillips, Jim Cuomo of Fareballet, Mr Snips, Dave Bedford (Orchestral arr.), Wil Malone (Orchestral arr.) and more...
in the first, it's a conclusion that even many famous and good musicians play together, their music is not necessarily good! although there are many this kind of supper sessions, i always feel so boring... it seems each good musicians can't play their good music in that situation... supper sessions are not necessarily same as all-star games of football or baseball... anyway any this kind of sessions need at least a good producer! sometime i've played a kind of "supper session" for audience, but i always felt just boring... especially improvised supper session makes me so boring... always almost musicians try to play ecoistic and standing out!
i enjoy just one track "Reach Out" that Annie Haslam of Renaissance sings with Anthony Phillips' acoustic guitar and orchestra on this album.

The Inter Gallactic Touring Band

        2006-07-24       Se Jokin Sinulla On / V.A.

this is the compilation LP of Finnish garage pops bands 1964-68.
when i listen this kind of garage compilation in other countries (it means not British, not American garage bands), why i feel same strange atmosphere...? when i listened Korean, South American, Turkish, Spanishi and somewhere else even German garage bands, always i felt not smart, not refined, but very unique, very kitsch!
all Finnish garage bands on this album play not speedy, very slowly... looks very dispirited! i like this atmosphere! but why so dispirited? maybe the midnight sun gave them lots of influence!?
but present time, Heavy Metal is so popular in Finland...why? Heavy Metal is not looks dispirited sound...

Se Jokin Sinulla On

        2006-07-23       Song For America / Kansas

oh my god...what makes me listen Kansas!? i love what is called prog.rock since when i was a junior high school boy. i listend records of EL&P, Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Magma, Soft Machine, Gong, PFM, Area, and more many groups many many times then. but i was not interested in any American prog.rock groups... (then i listened F. Zappa too, but i was sure Zappa is not prog.rock for me!) when i was younger, i prefered British and European rock to American. because the American prog.rock had too much especially blues atmosphere...not lyrical, not melancholy as prog.rock...
but when i went to record shops in US last year, suddenly Tabata asked me "is Kansas good or not, even in early 70's?" i've heard Kansas just some songs from a radio when i was a junior high school boy...so i didn't know anything about Kansas, i knew only they were a one of the American hard prog.rock group, and Steve Mose who is the guitarist of recently Deep Puple, were in this group... so i and Tabata bought some their early albums by just $1 each.
Kansas' sound makes me fun and smile. they have 2 kinds of style, one is the hard rock like Deep Purple, another one is prog.rock like Yes! i felt 2 different groups played in one album. what did they want to play?
anyway their composing is nice, that's just what one would expect of the majour group in America! but their prog.rock sound is sometime very funny for me, like an American country & blues band play prog.rock to want to be a British prog.rock group! British prog.rock groups had lots of influence from their roots music British trad, also Italian prog.rock groups like Area and PFM had lots of influence from Mediterranean trad music too. so of course i understood why Kansas had some country & blues atmosphere with their prog.rock sound. but it makes me so strange atmosphere as prog.rock, also looks like not cool as the typical prog.rock!
anyway now i can enjoy their music as the American prog.rock also one of the heretic and the failure in the prog.rock scene.
maybe i should check early Styx in the next? i already like early Journey (only 1st ~ 3rd album!), hahaha...

Song For America

        2006-07-22       Drugi Nacin / Drugi Nacin

when i went to Zagreb in last year, i went to some record shops to find any good 70's Yugoslavian (Croatian) groups. then i found this record... (then a shop's woman recommended me many records from early 80's as psychedelic, but these records were just New Wave for me... also she recommended some records from 70's, but almost records were just boring Jazz Rock...
Drugi Nacin is the Yugoslavian (Croatian) hard rock group, this their 1st album was released in 1975. on 1st track, suddenly the vocalist shouts like Ian Gillan! their sound is lyrical and hard, like Deep Purple (MK2 ~ 3) and Jethro Tull meets Italian prog rock! (A-3 "Na mon dlanu" has same melody as Deep Purple's "Mistreated"!) i love this kind of fake British hard rock groups from other countries! BTW, why no body plays this kind of good British hard rock style now? although there're many followers of L.Zep and Black Sabbath now, why there is no Deep Purple (not Rainbow) and Jethro Tull follower...? everyone should listen Deep Purple and Jethro Tull more, instead of L.Zep and Black Sabbath!!!
they released 2nd album "Svijet po Kojem Gazim" in 1977. (they changed the name to Nepocin.) and they reunioned in 1991, also released a new album!! what are they doing now? there is a good psychedelic hard rock group 7 That Spells in Croatia now. they should play with Drugi Nacin!!!

Drugi Nacin

        2006-07-21       Un Canadien Errant / Lilianne Labbe & Don Hinkley

i don't know anything about Lilianne Labbe and Don Hinkley. i understood just they sing French traditional songs and French-Canadian traditional songs.
i feel a little strage from this music, because sometime very French trad atmosphere, but sometime very American folk atmosphere... of course they're French-Canadian. i love French trad very much, also love American folk music too. but i feel these music are completely different! i love both... i'm very interested in French-Canadian trad music, because they have 2 different roots, French and American!
Lilianne's singing is so beautiful and powerful... but i feel her French singing is not like French, more like English...? maybe this is Canadian-French pronunciation? i remember my French friend in Paris said French-Canadian people's French was not correct French... also Spanish people said Sounth American people's Spanish was not correct too... what!? if my own language in my country is wrong, how should i do? i can't imagine...
anyway French-Canadian trad music is so unique for me...

Un Canadien Errant

        2006-07-14       Aura / Steve Hillage

i don't like so-called "house music". i heard many house music in late 80s and early 90s, because i believed i should check and listen "new music" what i'd never heard before. i spent many money for house music 12"s and cds, and not only house music, also grunge, alternative and mixture (like Funk Metal), hip hop, acid juzz and something else of "new music"'s records and concerts then. but i couldn't find any good things. so i decided to stop to find "good new music" any more in that moment.
when i heard Steve Hillage's System7 first time, i was so disappointed... like "why Steve!? why?" i could understand why he started System7... but i prefer more like human music... of course i like his guitar playing even as System7...
this record "Aura" was released in 1979 (recorded 78 and 79). even the sound is like typical late 70's style, disco and punk beats... but always his guitar is so nice! also Ash Ra too, Manuel Gottsching played same atmosphere like disco sounds as this album then. maybe it might be the one of the most progressive way for them.
my favorite Steve Hillage's solo album is "Fish Rising", but it remains me too much Gong atmosphere... so sometime i prefer this album that is edited from 2 original albums "Green" and studio recording tracks of "Live Herald" also 7"inch single "Getting Better". (of course i like these albums too. but this album is included the 7" track "Getting Better"! i love this cosmic funk song!) because i can enjoy his guitar playing with many different style music much more than "Fish Rising". i feel his guitar playing is so unique, like jerry fishes with so beautiful lighting!!
maybe you know AMT & TCI's "OM Riff From The Cosmic Inferno" is just cover of Gong's "Master Builder" also Steve Hillage's "The Glorious OM Riff". what the great riff is!! i'm really looking forward to see him at Gong Family Convention 2006 in this November!


        2006-07-13       Spectrum Suite / Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern is very known as a famous healing musician by this his debut album. there is a copy on the back sleeve "listening to this music may be helpful to your health!" hahahaha...! mamma mia! also he says this record makes your 7 chakras open!!! hahahaha...! what the great music is, if it's true!!! if it's true, nobody needs to play any yoga and meditation...
so the sound is just cheap electric piano solo with also cheap reverb! how can i make my 7 chakras open by this stupid mood music!? can anybody believe his words?
i don't like any healing music!! so easy music!! looks beautiful atmosphere...but no emotion!
but i really like to collect this kind of bad music records...my bad habit! hahaha...
i really want to release my guitar drone album from any healing music labels in one day! of course with a sleeve of questionable very "spiritual" image! hahaha...

Spectrum Suite

        2006-07-12       Is Arrosas / Elena Ledda

i love this Sardinian femal trad singer Elena Ledda as much as Ocitan female singer Rosina de Peira. Tsuyama tought me her records in the first. i feel Rosina's voice comes from the heaven, but Elena's voice comes from the earth.
i'm very happy to discover this kind of so beautiful music in my life! i think maybe i don't need to listen so-called experimental music... because i really love to listen only beautiful music. sometime i think why many people loves so-called experimental music more than this kind of beautiful music...? experimental music is the last step of musical evolution (maybe retrogression?) for me... so why i've played so-called experimental music too? maybe i'm so stupid people...
anyway this is the one of the best favorite album for me. her voice is magic, miracle! i have a dream to see her live singing in one day... of course she is still singing and releasing new albums. if possible, i really want to play with her even 1 song in one day...

Is Arrosas

        2006-07-06       Exorcist 2 - The Heretic - / Ennio Morricone

finally i came back from AMT & TCI's european tour to my temple last night. so which record should i listen in the first?
i chose this soundtrack "Exorcist 2 - The Heretic -" LP. maybe everyone knows Exorcist's thema that is a very famous song "Tubelar Bells" by Mike Oldfield. also the film "Exorcist" is very famous too. so how is "Exorcist 2"? this is the episode 2 of Exorcist, but the original author William Peter Blatty said this film was just imitative, "Exocist 3" was a sequel to "Exocist".
BTW this soundtrack of Exorcist 2 is composed by Ennio Morricone. The some parts of this story are set in Africa, so he composed some songs like African magic music! primitive percussions with dark strings and female scat... but 1st track on side-B is the heavy but cheap prog rock track "Magic and Ecstasy" ! what!?
anyway almost tracks are very beautiful and dark. i love to listen soundtracks without pictures. because i can discover many beautiful music although i couldn't find them when i watch the films...

Exorcist 2

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