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        2006-05-31       Ananda Shankar / Ananda Shankar

maybe you know this indian sitar player Ananda Shankar. he is a nephew of Ravi Shankar. he is a new way of the indian musician, so he plays famous R&R songs by sitar with moog synthesizer and typical rock band style (g, b and dr) also with tabla. is it mean the real new wave of indian music? i think "No", it is just an easy way to make "new" for traditional instuments musicians. there are too many so bad example that ethnic instruments musicians play this kind of "new" ways in the world... but always people said them "so great music! really new!!" fuck!! the musicians don't respect and don't understand their traditional instuments... but i can guess why they want to find the new ways of their instruments...because they don't have any idea of the real new music with their instruments, so they have to choose the most stupid and easy ways always.
but sometime i discovered the great stuff. i think fortunately it was just miracle was happend this moment without musicians' identity...
well, how is Ananda Shankar...? i think he was so lucky to be born in this generation. so he could mix psychedelic music with his sitar. what do you think if he would be born in 1980...? i guess maybe he would mix hip hop or techno with his sitar...
anyway i like this album as the one of good raga rock album, of course much better than early john mclaughlin! but why does people love sitar sounds so much?

ananda shankar


        2006-05-30       Higher Than High / The Undisputed Truth

i discovered The Undisputed Truth just on the AMT & TCI's US tour in last autumn when Tabata bought one of their album "Cosmic Truth", because the sleeve was so funny for him. we got a big shock when we heard it! wow!! so crazy! funk music with space sounds!! but not just influence from P-Funk, more freaked out! i felt like "Soul Gong"!! hahaha... also their looks are so funny! they have silver afro hair, silver make-up and spacy costume!
they released albums from Motown Records, right...they are the chorus group. the early Undisputed Truth were not crazy not cosmic funk style, sounds were just typical chorus soul group (there were only a little bit of echo vocals and spacy fuzz guitar)... what was happened for them on 1973? i have their almost albums now, i don't have only their 3rd album (73). their sounds of 1st (71) and 2nd (72) albums were their earlier style. but they already played cosmic funk on 4th (74) album... i have to buy their 3rd album as soon as possible! hahaha...
this album is their 6th album (75). their sounds are more cosmic rock style than even Funkadelic! i'm sure "Overload" is inspired (or stole) from J.J. Cale's famous song "Heroin"!!! also including sexy space whisper too! it's so great!!
anyway i and Tabata call this kind of music as "Space Black Music"!! we need to find more Space Black Music records!! hahaha...
the fimale vocalist Taka Boon is the sister of Chaka Boon, she was a member of George Clinton's Brides of Funkenstein too.

higher than high

        2006-05-29       Hits Are Our Business / The Now Generation

The Now Generation is well known as the hit songs cover band. i love this kind of hit songs cover bands...sometime i could find much better version than the original. this album is including "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", "A Brand New Me", "Down On The Corner", "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head", "Honky Tonk Woman", "Michelle", etc... what so strange selection is! of course i understand this is typical hit songs cover band style. but each tracks are so great! arrangements are so dreamy, mellow, and sexy, much psychedelic atmosphere than original tracks!!
so i can't stop buying records that i haven't heard before...

hits are our buisness

        2006-05-28       Sea Chanteys / Lou Killen

what the beautiful and spiritual music is! ESP Disk always released so great stuff!!
Lou Killen is the most important influential musicians of the folk revival in England. he has recorded a lot of traditional folk songs since 1961.
his singing is so powerful and i can imagine people who had sang these song from long time ago, from his singing too. the arrangement is so simple. i can listen his vocal more, so i feel spiritual more! although i like 70's british folk rock groups, honesty i don't need so much instruments with this kind of music...
this is the one of the most favorite british trad album for me.

sea chanteys

        2006-05-27       The Visit! / Pat Martino

i have still so big jet rag now... i tried to fix it in each day, but it was unsuccessful... so i can't sleep in the night, i just listen the records what i bought on the last US tour.
Pat Martino is the one of my favorite jazz guitarist. he tried to play many new ways of jazz guitar, i like this kind of strange also sometime stupid idea on jazz.
but this album is inspired by and dedicated to Wes Montgomery. so sounds are not strange style, just typical jazz guitar style. especially 1st track "Visit!" is so groovy! (i like his soul jazz albums.) i found him from radio when i was maybe 18 years old, of course i didn't know jazz so much then... i knew only free jazz. when i heard his guitar first time, i felt his guitar was just typical jazz guitar...sweet and mellow... but while i felt something were different from typical jazz guitar what i imagined... i didn't know why? what? because maybe he is not black people...? (i like many white jazz musicians... i don't know why...)
when i heard this album first time (it was maybe in late 80's), i felt "this is rock!" his guitar is so groovy, also very heavy and fat sounds, even songs are sweet and mellow!!
his life is so hard... he had a severe brain aneurysm, he forgot almost things of his life!! but he was back to play guitar! if i will have same problem, what will i do!? his life is really rock!


        2006-05-26       Troubadour Songs and Medieval Lyrics / Paul Hillier, Stephen Stubbs and Lena-Liis Kiesel

i had a show as GODMAN in Osaka last night. before and after the show, i drunk so much...

Paul Hillier is well known as the english baritone and conductor (also researcher and teacher), and ex.member of Hilliard Ensemble. also he collaborated with Steve Reich and Arvo Part.
Stephen Stubbs is the american guitar and lute player, also plays like early baroque improvisation on his albums from ECM. he plays lute on this album and Lena-Liis Kiesel plays portative organ.

the sounds are soft for me, not so stoic... it's a good BGM in the morning after so much drinking. hahaha... this is a good acid folk album for me. if there are some electronics and effects on this album, it will be so cool acid troubadour!

Troubadour Songs and Medieval Lyrics

        2006-05-25       L'art De La Vielle A Roue / Michele Fromenteau

i went to China and USA from the end of Merch, i came back here just a few days ago.
i bought many vinyls in US, i could find many great stuff what i had before and interesting stuff what i've never heard before.
i was interested in this album when i found it, because i don't know so much recordings of medieval and especially baroque music with vielle a roue (hurdy-gurdy), it means not so-called Trad., more close to classic music side.
i don't know about anything of this female vielle a roue player Michele.
just first 2 songs are medieval, all other songs are baroque. the first track is so good! i am always interested in arrangement of this kind of famous medieval songs by different instruments. this arrangement makes me feel the real medieval image. i really love this kind of silence from medieval music.

l'art de la vielle roue

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