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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-03-20       Full House / Fairport Convention

when i heard Fairport Convention first time, i was a student of the art university. a man who was several years ahead of me in this university recommended me some british trad albums. this man was Nara Yoshitomo who is very known as the fanous painter now. then i really liked this album, it was the first moment to listen Fairport Convention also Richard Thompson.
when i met Tsuyama, he tought me a lot of European trad music. he is very known as the biggest trad mania here. especially he loves Richard Thompson. (Tsuyama's 1st solo album was "Henry The Human Horse"! of course it was parody of Richard Thompson's "Henry The Human Fly".)
maybe you know, this album was the first recording after their vocalist Sandy Denny quitted the band, so they changed the sound more close to British trad and more like the instrumental group. but the sound is like rock more than trad. sometime they were called the British trad rock group not just the trad group... of course early their sound was not just trad, it was more folk rock. also many 70's folk & trad groups got many influence from them, so many groups made so great music that was rock met trad. but after late 70's, many trad groups got influence from fuckin' boring fusion... so trad groups added fuckin' jazz bassists (usually they play electric fletless bass!) and saxophone players... the sound has became so bad trad with jazz even vocalists and songs are so great... because these trad groups lost rock spirit!
Fairport Convention is the one of the greatest trad & folk rock groups and Richard Thompson is the one of the greatest rock guitarist for me.

Full House


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