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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-03-13       Arbeit Macht Frei / Area

it looks like the 70s italian prog rock boom has come to me in these days. i'm listening many 70s italian prog rock records... the 70s italian prog rock have been popular in Japan since those days in 70s. when PFM got success in the world in 1973, japanese major record companies started to release many italian rock records. i think many japanese people loves lyrical sounds (like british rock), maybe it suits japanese feeling. so many people loves 70s italian rock too. there're still many prog rock records shops and prog rock bars in japan. also many musicians got lots of influence from 70s prog rock, (their very famous song "Luglio, Agosto, Settembre" was covered by Ruins-Hatoba and Zeni Geva.) of course me too.
it was in early 80s... when i discovered especially Opus Avantra, Osanna and Area, i was so surprised "what the great music is!" although i tried to play like them then (in early 80s), unfortunately i didn't have any technic of playing instruments...so my music became just psychedelic and experimental...hahaha...
when i heard this Area's first album, i felt just caos meets ethnic music and prog rock. especially i couldn't imagin how Demetrio sang! i still listen this album a lot of times in my car.

Arbeit Macht Frei


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