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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-03-09       La Mela Di Odessa / Area

i like Area from when i was a high-school boy, especially Demetorio Stratos' amazing vocal that gave lots of influence to Tsuyama. this is the bootleg dbl cd, live recorded in 76 and 77.
when i watched tv in Italy in last summer, suddenly i saw Demetrio was singing on the tv!! (it was his early film in late 60's)... i became mad front of tv!!! unbelievable!!! when i stayed in Italy in last summer, i asked lots of italian people "why can't i hear any Area's songs in anywhere!?" everyone said "Italian 70's rock was completely died..." whyyyyyy????? why nobody want? italian people must discover there were so many great italian musicians in 70s. i know only Japanese people love italian 70s prog.rock in the world...
Area was kind of famous for us, we got lots of influence from them. but why don't any recently italian musicians get any influence from them?

La Mela Di Odessa


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