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        2006-03-23       Monodia Cortesana Medieval, Musica Arabigo - Andaliza / Atrium Musicae, etc.

i really love the ancient music, especially troubador that is the one of the most beautiful and great music for me.
i could listen the songs from Catalunya and Provance (12th and 13th century) also songs from Andalucia (13th century) from this record. Gregorio Paniagua and Atrium Musicae are famous spanish medieval musicians. songs of troubador from Catalinya don't hand down so much... and these songs from Andalucia were born by "jarcha" (ancient native spanish folk music before Islamic infulence) with Islamic music. i'm so interested in this kind of blending different folk music. and i'd like to learn European history more and more to understand their music and foods!

Monodia Cortesana Medieval


        2006-03-20       Full House / Fairport Convention

when i heard Fairport Convention first time, i was a student of the art university. a man who was several years ahead of me in this university recommended me some british trad albums. this man was Nara Yoshitomo who is very known as the fanous painter now. then i really liked this album, it was the first moment to listen Fairport Convention also Richard Thompson.
when i met Tsuyama, he tought me a lot of European trad music. he is very known as the biggest trad mania here. especially he loves Richard Thompson. (Tsuyama's 1st solo album was "Henry The Human Horse"! of course it was parody of Richard Thompson's "Henry The Human Fly".)
maybe you know, this album was the first recording after their vocalist Sandy Denny quitted the band, so they changed the sound more close to British trad and more like the instrumental group. but the sound is like rock more than trad. sometime they were called the British trad rock group not just the trad group... of course early their sound was not just trad, it was more folk rock. also many 70's folk & trad groups got many influence from them, so many groups made so great music that was rock met trad. but after late 70's, many trad groups got influence from fuckin' boring fusion... so trad groups added fuckin' jazz bassists (usually they play electric fletless bass!) and saxophone players... the sound has became so bad trad with jazz even vocalists and songs are so great... because these trad groups lost rock spirit!
Fairport Convention is the one of the greatest trad & folk rock groups and Richard Thompson is the one of the greatest rock guitarist for me.

Full House

        2006-03-18       Love Is Blue / 101 Strings, The Spots, The Petards

i had gigs with Damo Suzuki in Osaka on 15th and in Nagoya on 16th, and one more gig with Tabata's Leningrad Blues Machine in Kyoto on 17th. i had to drive in this period. then i choose this record as the driving music from my records collection. (of course i have to make a cdr copy for playing on my car stereo in each time.)
i really love this kind of music that is called easy listening music. sometime i discovered so great tracks from this kind of records. these are much better than original tracks!
so this "Love Is Blue" is the one of the great records for me. many tracks are played by sitar with the group. these are "easy psychedelic" sounds!! but i really love this kind of "easy" and "fake" music!

Love Is Blue

        2006-03-15       Aanityksia : Recording 1963 - 1973 / Erkki Kurenniemi

Erkki Kurenniemi is the finnish composer. he is the first composer of electro-acoustique musique in Finnland.
the sounds are just very primitive electronics, like guy who doesn't know how to use synthesizers... it remains my early electronics solo recordings in late 70's.
it was released from Love Records what is the one of most important label in Finnland. they've released many different music, rock, folk, tango, contemporary and experimental since early 70s...
i like to listen this kind of music with take one cup of coffe or tea in the morning. because electro-acoustique musique is one of the very nice morning music for me. maybe it is the reason that i listened Stockhausen's music in each morning when i was a junior high-school student.


        2006-03-14       Affenstunde / Popol Vuh

suddenly i wanted to listen this Popol Vuh's 1st album. Popol Vuh is the most favorite kraut rock group for me.
maybe you know, their 1st and 2nd albums are very different from after 3rd album Hosianna Mantra. especially this 1st album is just electro-acoustique music! i love both sides of them. usually i listen their acoustic sounds that means from Hosianna Mantra, but sometime i really want to listen their early electronics sounds. these music are looks so different, like opposite way...but i can feel same atmosphere even so different sounds.
i've never heard their latest albums. because i was so disappointed their techno album City Raga, then i stoped to listen their new albums after City Raga. but someone told they returned to beginning, they played just electro-acoustique music in the end of their history! so i'd like to check it out.


        2006-03-13       Arbeit Macht Frei / Area

it looks like the 70s italian prog rock boom has come to me in these days. i'm listening many 70s italian prog rock records... the 70s italian prog rock have been popular in Japan since those days in 70s. when PFM got success in the world in 1973, japanese major record companies started to release many italian rock records. i think many japanese people loves lyrical sounds (like british rock), maybe it suits japanese feeling. so many people loves 70s italian rock too. there're still many prog rock records shops and prog rock bars in japan. also many musicians got lots of influence from 70s prog rock, (their very famous song "Luglio, Agosto, Settembre" was covered by Ruins-Hatoba and Zeni Geva.) of course me too.
it was in early 80s... when i discovered especially Opus Avantra, Osanna and Area, i was so surprised "what the great music is!" although i tried to play like them then (in early 80s), unfortunately i didn't have any technic of playing instruments...so my music became just psychedelic and experimental...hahaha...
when i heard this Area's first album, i felt just caos meets ethnic music and prog rock. especially i couldn't imagin how Demetrio sang! i still listen this album a lot of times in my car.

Arbeit Macht Frei

        2006-03-12       Suspiria / Goblin

maybe everyone knows the italian prog rock group Goblin's famous album Suspiria. this is the soundtrack of Dario Argento's famous film. (i really love Dario Argento!) when this film was played in Japan, there was a sales message "don't watch it by alone!" when i saw this film (i was maybe 13 or 14 yeas old), i got the big shock from this music. what the great soundtrack is!
when i was a high-school boy, i bought some Goblin's albums. but i've never had any shocks as big as Suspiria...they played more like normal jazz rock on other albums...
anyway this album is their first album also their best work. i don't still understand how they made some sounds on this album.
in one day, i'd love to make film soundtracks like this album...


        2006-03-11       Uno / Panna Fredda

Panna Fredda is the italian 70's heavy prog rock group. this is their very rare 1st album that was recorded in 1971. of course this album is the one of the italian primitive prog rock albums for me.
i love this very heavy hammond organ sound and strange synth sound. also i love this kind of cheap & strange arrangement too. this is typical charm of this kind of primitive prig rock! i don't prefer complicated perfect arrangemet that is typical italian middle 70's prog rock...
why did these italian prog bands play so dark and heavy? it is so strange for me... italian people looks not dark...they're very cheerful...hahaha...


        2006-03-09       La Mela Di Odessa / Area

i like Area from when i was a high-school boy, especially Demetorio Stratos' amazing vocal that gave lots of influence to Tsuyama. this is the bootleg dbl cd, live recorded in 76 and 77.
when i watched tv in Italy in last summer, suddenly i saw Demetrio was singing on the tv!! (it was his early film in late 60's)... i became mad front of tv!!! unbelievable!!! when i stayed in Italy in last summer, i asked lots of italian people "why can't i hear any Area's songs in anywhere!?" everyone said "Italian 70's rock was completely died..." whyyyyyy????? why nobody want? italian people must discover there were so many great italian musicians in 70s. i know only Japanese people love italian 70s prog.rock in the world...
Area was kind of famous for us, we got lots of influence from them. but why don't any recently italian musicians get any influence from them?

La Mela Di Odessa

        2006-03-07       In The Beginning / Nuova Idea

i just came back from South Italian solo tour. i got food poisoning, so it was hard days for me... i couldn't eat and drink anything for a few days. but i enjoyed a lot for playing and glad to see lots of friends.
Nuova Idea is an italian psyche-prog. band in early 70's. they released 3 albums, this is their 1st album in 1971. after this album, they changed their sounds more symphonic rock. but this 1st album is very heavy psychedelic sounds! like Deep Purple meets EL&P with Italian atmosphere!!! i really love this kind of primitive prog.rock. primitive prog.rock albums are always so strange sounds...

in the beginning

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