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Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-02-19       Sasayaki Tameiki Modae / Flower Megu

finally i finished the recording of the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.'s new album today. it is the first studio recording album over one year and half. so i felt to be set free from this recording!
i wanted listening just like a sexial female vocal, i choose this Flower Megu's album. she is a nude model and an erotic actress in 70's. she sings the cover of Gainsbourg & Birkin's "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus"... there were many this kind of erotic pops records in Japan, especially in 70's. these are always make me laugh.
my favorite 70's Japanese porno actress Ike Reiko's album was reissued as the limited edition cd in last month, so maybe you can hear her erotic singing now. if you hear it, you may discover Ike Reiko's singing is very different from Birkin's style... Ike Reiko's voice is more really erotic for me. also Flower Megu's singing is not similar with Jane Birkin's too. Flower Megu can sing as just like a 70's pops singer better than Ike Reiko. and Flower Megu's singing is more soft and mellow than Ike Reiko, of course i like it too... it's good to listening after hard works.

Sasayaki Tameiki Modae


        2006-02-18       Die Kleinen Und Diebosen / Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

yesterday, Higashi came to my temple to overdub his synthesizer on the Acid mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.'s new album. after recording, we always drink together with music from my record collection.
when i listened this 2nd album of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F.) first time, i was a high-school boy. i felt their sounds were a little similar with my music what i played with my early group Baroque Bordello. although this record has a studio recording side and a live recording side, especially i liked their electronics works on a studio recording side, the sound like a very beginner of synthesizer. but i was not interested in their 3rd album what they changed the sound to more like electric-pops... i was so disapointed probably they lost their primitive mind instead of learning how to play synthesizer...
anyway this album remained me of my boyhood...

Die Kleinen Und Diebosen

        2006-02-17       Mare Mannu / Elena Ledda

in these days, i'm working the finishing of the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.'s new album what is the first studio recording album over one year and half. my ears need the rest after recording in each day... sometime i go out from my temple and listen the sounds of the midnight mountain, sometime i watch the films in the bed, sometime i listen female singers' albums with a pot of tea.
Elena Ledda is the very known Sardinian female traditional singer. although i really love her voice, this album is not my favorite her works... the arrangement is too modern for me... but her voice always give me a great peace of mind. and a cappella is amazing beautiful and powerfull!
in one day, i'd like to see her concert in Sardegna. also if possible i really would love to play with her... this is one of my dream...


        2006-02-07       Yuretsuzukeru / Katsurei

Katsurei is an underground psychedelic group in Nagoya since early 80s.(they moved to Tokyo.) when i moved to Nagoya in 1985, i met Shishido Koji who is the vocalist and guitarist of Katsurei, as the first guy whom i met in Nagoya. i remember he loved Jane Birkin very much.
this is their 4rd album what was released by a japanese major label Invitation / Victor in 1990. they changed line-up many times in their long history. although at the start they were trio, more members joined gradually. and they are playing still now.
Shishido sings very mellow love songs and plays beautiful fuzz guitar solo...but not like Le Rallizes De Nudes, more similar to 70's Pink Floyd.
their music remind me of a pure love although i've forgotten a pure love for a long time in my life...


        2006-02-06       Debut / Emerson, Lake & Palmer

this is the bootleg of ELP's debut concert live recording. maybe it is the soundbord recording by so fuckin' shit engineer! probably he didn't understand their complicated music, he cut off microphons of vocal, acoustic guitar and hammond organ many times... mamma mia! but i'm very interested in this rare recording even such bad mixing. Keith Emerson mistook some parts of his playing, also i discovered some parts were early arrangement what was different from very known versions. and when Keith Emerson played moog synthesizer, it looks like he didn't know how to make sounds so well yet... so, he made lots of srtrange spacy noise when we needed to change the sounds! and they already played the inconplete version of "Poctures At An Exhibition".it's so cool!
i liked EL&P very much when i was a teenager... i rediscovered them when i started to play with Tsuyama who is still a very big fan of EL&P. although i believed EL&P was just a master of prog.rock for a long time, i perceived i misunderstood. they played a kind of heavy rock under influence of classic and jazz with spacy moog sounds.
why do many prog.rock fans make light of only EL&P even they like other prog.rock like King crimson, Magma, Area, etc.? and why do many 60s and 70s rock fans understimate EL&P?


        2006-02-05       "Diane..." Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper / Kyle Maclachlan

i'm a Twin Peaker (TP mania) since that moment, i really love Twin Peaks still now too. of course when i'd been to Seattle first time, i visited some famous places on Twin Peaks. but it was 1999, many people already forgot Twin Peaks... also i couldn't find so much Twin Peaks goods (T-shirts and something else), and RR Dinner was already burned down... it was too late...
in last night, Afrirampo came to my temple. Pika said me she really loved Twin Peaks right now. she didn't know there was the big Twin Peaks boom in Japan in early 90's... because she was a kid then... oh man...hahaha... she highly recommended Oni to watching Twin Peaks. (Oni hasn't seen Twin Peaks yet.) then Pika found this tape in my record rack... she was so excited! we listened it with drinking beer and eating Nabe all night long.
this is the tape of special agent Dale Cooper's words including nots and stories never released on tv.
when will David Lynch make Twin Peaks new series? i'd like to go to Black Lodge in one day...

        2006-02-03       Rare Live / Deep Purple

i love Deep Purple as the best hard rock group ever. i can't understand why many people prefer Led Zepplin to Deep Purple... especially Deep Purple (mk.1 ~ mk.4) was the one of the greatest and the most important group in the rock history. i'm sure they were not roots of heavy metal group, they played just hard rock what they made from R&B and R&R.
this album is the compilation of their live albums. (live recorded from 69 to 76.) i didn't know they released lots of live albums in these years. i bought it as BGM for driving a car at a cheap scondhand record shop a few years ago.
anyway i enjoyed a lot what is called their improvised parts... they played almost same improvised parts on even different songs in different years. for example, the improvised part of "Mandrake Root (1970)" is same as "Space Truckin'" what is very known from their popular live album "Made in Japan (1972)"...but it doesn't matter! who could play like them? they were the one of the most emotional rock group in the rock history!! although many people so admire G.Dead even they played almost same too, why are Deep Purple such underestimated?
even so, why are always Deep Purple's artworks so bad???

rare live

        2006-02-02       Troubadour / Dorothy Carter

Dorothy Carter performed contemporary, folk, traditional and medieval music with hammered dulcimer, psaltery, flute and singing. (also hurdy-gurdy too, but not on this album...) this is her 1st album, the sound is not just traditional... although i felt nostalgia, i can't say concretly...
her voice is unique, sometime like a child, sometime like a young woman, sometime like an old woman... it makes me feel magic. so this album is a kind of magic dreamy music for me...


        2006-02-01       The Missing Link To Tyrannosaurus Rex / Steve Peregrine Took

Steve Peregrine Took (ex.Tyrannosaurus Rex) smothered when he ate cherrys at Nick Turner's flat... what's a stupid anecdote!...maybe it was just like him... i love his crazy percussion playing on Tyrannosaurus Rex, also i love this album too. this is the one of my favorite psychedelic albums...so strange and freaked out. BTW my old audio system has broken a little. it makes good effect to be freak out...hahaha... i enjoy this kind of problem!
i read there were more unreleased materials... i hope these tracks will be released in one day...

The Missing Link To Tyrannosaurus Rex

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