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        2006-01-31       Bouquet Of Love / The Parcy Faith Strings

i'm a big fan of Parcy Faith. also i've loved "easy listening music" since when i was a teenager. because many albums of easy litening music have very erotic artworks... maybe i got lots of influence from them to make the artworks of my albums.
easy listening music is always very good as just BGM... of course so this music is called "easy listening"... but some easy listening musicians made absolutely different music from so-called easy listening music for me. and Parcy Faith is the one of these...
when i play the guitar-drone, always i see the scene of the midnight ocean in my mind... when i listened Parcy Faith's music, i saw the scene of the ocean, too... but it was not same ocean with my guitar-drone, it remained me like inside of an aquarium... also sometime his beautiful strings made me crazy...it was same experience as when i listened early Beach Boys' so beautiful chorus. Beach Boys made me crazy too...
anyway his music is the one of deep dreamy and beautiful crazy music for me.

bouquet of love


        2006-01-25       Live & Unreleased 68 & 74 / Blue Cheer

usually i don't listen records of the fazz guitar sounds so many times in my flat...except for driving my car.
i don't need to explain about Blue Cheer here, because everybody knows them. i prefer their 3rd "New! Improved! Blue Cheer" and 4th "Blue Cheer" to their very known albums 1st and 2nd. i enjoyed their unreleased tracks what were produced by Kim Fowley. and it seems strange that they played live performance in 1968 almost same as studio versions...

live & unreleased 68-74

        2006-01-22       Phantasia / Phantasia

Phantasia's original vinyl is very known that was pressed only 25 copies... of course i have just a reissued cd. i'm not interested in what the record is original pressing or reissued... i'm not the record collector, just i'd like to listen music as many as possible, and i prefer vinyl to cd just as the format as much as possible.
this is the good dreamy psychedelic album. but photos of members made me so laugh, what the frumpy figure!!


        2006-01-21       Trippers Go Go / Trippers

i don't know anything about this korean garage group Trippers. all songs on side-A have korean titles, all songs on side-B have english titles on this LP. unfortunately i can't understand any korean, so i could read only english titles on side-B, but they sang all songs by korean.
the sound is very similar with japanese 60's garage (we call "Group Sounds"), Trippers play sometime like Procol Harum sometime like Beach Boys or Beatles, also very funny so bad asian pops style too... the R&R with sound of korean language makes me feel so strange, because sound is like not real language, like just joke.
i bought a lot of 60's korean garage bands' vinyls when i went to Seoul. but almost discs had lots of damages...why didn't korean people hundle it with care? though i found some record shops that had lots of mint vinyls, i couldn't buy anything there...because the price was super expensive more than US$1500 for each vinyls...! i hope someone will reissue more korean 60's stuff in one day.

troppers go go

        2006-01-20       Fly Away / Aginciurt

Aginciurt is the forerunner of Ithaca what i introduced yesterday. the sound is more pop than Ithaca, my favorite female vocalist Lee's singing is always so sweet.
in these days, i'm listening this album and Ithaca's A Game For All Who Knows.

fly away / agincourt

        2006-01-19       A Game For All Who Knows / Ithaca

i like what is known as Acid Folk, and especially anguid vocals!
easpecially i really like this female vocalist Lee Menelaus' singing, it's so anguid and sweet...female whisper vocals always relax me.
this UK acid folk group Ithaca's 1st album is very known as the super rare vinyl. so i have reissued LP and CD both. even so, what the beautiful album is! i'd like to say very grateful with Gary of ACME to reissue it. if it would be still so difficult to listen it, it means unhappiness for all who loves this kind of beautiful music...
it was good for listening with a cup of tea in the morning.

A Game For All Who Knows

        2006-01-18       Dreaming With Alice / Mark Fry

maybe many people discovered this album by the italian label Akarma's reissue. my vinyl is the 90's bootleg reissue with such cheap bookfold sleeve by Solar Circus Records, and the sound quality is so bad, but i really love this bad sound quality! this sound is typical acid folk for me. though i bought Akarma's reissue cd too, i couldn't believe it was same Mark Fry's album. because my bootleg's sound is completely different from the cd's sound what was digital re-mastered. why does people prefer more high quality of the sound even acid folk? of course i guess the rare original vinyl's sound is different from my bootleg, maybe the Akamar's cd has more similar sound to the original vinyl. but it doesn't matter! i prefer this bootleg's bad sound. sometime bad sound quality give me amazing great images how the good music should be. for a long time i'm looking for another bootleg reissue what has same full-color sleeve with the original vinyl. i really want to listen it too.
this bootleg always makes me take far a way, so i play it again, again, again...

dreaming with alice

        2006-01-17       The Persian Surgery Dervishes / Terry Riley

when we played "In C" at Terry Riley's 70th birthday concert at UCLA in last year, finally i met Terry Riley. though he played "Rainbow Curved Air" by Korg synthesizer Triton with his son who played laptop and synthesizer, regretfully the sound what was really new-age atmosphere didn't excite me so much... i really love his organ solo works in 70s, especially i love this dbl LP. the front and back covers are so beautiful. and inside of the gatefold, a photo that Terry Riley plays an organ with a tape machine is so cool!
this is the one of the coolest organ jazz for me, more than as a kind of minimal music. also this is the best album of Terry Riley for me. maybe i've already heard this dbl LP more than 200 times since when i was younger... i love the electric organ sound than synthesizer, because the electric organ sound makes me feel much more cosmic atmosphere and sometime see the image like the birth of lives in the sea... i love this album very much as the coolest organ jazz and a kind of primitive trans music. usually i listen all tracks without haste for 90 minutes running with a pot of tea.

The Persian Surgery Dervishes

        2006-01-16       Ragas and Reflections / The Indo Jazzmen

i haven't heard jazz so much in these years. i sold almost my jazz records collection several years ago. so i restarted to buy jazz vinyls from last year, but i prefer kinds of bad jazz now...
this sound is like indian music meets jazz... i found 2 indian musicians' names on the sleeve, Krishna Kumar (tabla) and Kapur (sitar). but there isn't any other musicians' names of jazz band side.
this is the different way from "Jazz Meets India" by Irene Schweizer Trio what Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte from Guru Guru played. Indo Jazzmen play more similar to easy listening music than jazz. jazz musicians play Raga just as thema, Indian musicians add indian atmosphere by tabla and sitar on some parts. the rest of parts are almost standard jazz style or like mood music...
i like this kind of Bad music, especially Bad jazz! it's good for listening when i check my e-mail. though usually checking e-mal gets on my nerves, this kind of bad music always relax me.

ragas and reflections

        2006-01-15       The Last Blues Song / Dick Curless

i like truck driver songs. when i saw Sam Peckinpah's film "Convoy", i really loved the thema song "Convoy" by C.W. McCall. (then i was 12 or 13 years old.) also when i'd listend radio programs in each early morning (it was at 3:00 am, so not midnight), always female DJs sent many message to midnight truck drivers by their sweet voices. i was fallin'love with one female DJ in that moment, even i was just 9 or 10 years old, so i really wanted to be the midnight truck driver in one day...(this dream to be a midnight truck driver come true 15 years later when i retired my desiner's career.) anyway i still love big trucks now also i love truck drivers songs too.
this is maybe 20th album of Dick Curless who is known by his big hit song "Tombstone every mile". i really love his so sweet voice that remind me of the one of my favorite psychedelia Damon. i heard it in this morning with one cup of espresso.

the last blues song

        2006-01-14       Temple / Temple

Temple is an unknown german group in middle 70's. their sounds are typical krout rock including spacey, hard also mellow. this cd was reissued from the UK label psi-fi that was run by Toby @ Moat Studio where i recorded Mothers of Invasion's cd, AMT's Pink Lady Lemonade on the AMT family's 3 cd box and Revel Powers' cd. Toby had worked with Stockhausen and many kraut rock groups in Gearmany from 60's to 70's. when i arrived at London in last autum, i heard so sad news he died just this day!!...but it was a false information!!! i really want to work with him again. i'm sure he is the one of the greatest engineer in the world that there are so many fuckin' shit engineeres that don't know what R&R is.
it was good for listening in my car for long driving from Nagoya to Osaka with so heavy rain.


        2006-01-13       Chaj Zibede / Rromano Dives

Rromano Dives is the famous Albanian Rom band. i like European traditional music, especially around Mediterranean and eastern european music. so beautiful, so powerful, so sweet, so emotional! also some parts of the sounds are like very prog rock and psychedelic folk!! it was very good for cooking in such a cold day...

Chaj Zibede

        2006-01-12       Heathen Earth / Throbbing Gristle

Throbbing Gristle's Heathen Earth is one of my nostalgic record. when i heard it first time in 1981 (i was a high-school boy!), i didn't know any Noise Music, and i didn't know even there was Noise Music. (i was a very big fan of heavy rock, prog rock and electro-acoustic music in that period.) then i felt side-A was a kind of the heavy rock. because the sounds were like the middle part of Zep's Whole Lotta Love or Deep Purple's Space Truckin's improv part. and side-B was like a kind of kraut rock for me. i'd never felt any experimental atmosphere... so T.G. is still one of the heavy rock group also kraut rock group for me, not Noise Music, not New Wave.(i don't like Noise Music and New Wave.) it was good for writing the text of our website...

Heathen Earth

        2006-01-09       Sulle Corde Di Aries / Franco Battiato

this is an italian psychedelia Franco Battiato's 3rd album. i love his early works until 1978, his each album has absolutely different sounds. this album is so mellow and avant-garde also very minimalism! after 1979 he changed to Pop star with strange lyrics, but unfortunately i can't understand his lyrics also i'm not interested in any lyrics...i'm interested in only sounds. it was good to listen when i worked with my iBook...


        2006-01-08       The Golden Cups Album / The Golden Cups

the first album of the japanese group Golden Cups. maybe many people knows this band even you're not japanese... especially i like Kabe's bass playing, he plays so cool on "Hey Joe". i don't like so much 60's Japanese Garage groups (we call "Group Sounds"), i like only few groups... i think The Golden Cups is the one of the best 60's Japanese Garage. it was good for singing togethger with driving...i heard it in my car...

golen cups album

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