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        2009-03-20       Erik Satie Oeuvres Pour Piano / Jean-Joel Barbier

i'm really interested to listen to Erik Satie's piano playing his songs by himself... of course i know it's absolutely impossible... (i heard he recorded something... but not his song...? anyway i can't find this recording...) of course everyone knows Erik Satie's music at least "Gymnopedies"... though i've listened to lots of Satie's records by many musicians, all most records were like easy listening music... of course he composed "Musique d'ameublement" that is the root of ambient music, so maybe it was not wrong...? but i think Erik Satie's piano playing were more different from these easy listening style... so he had to write lots of annotation how to play...?
i was looking for the best playing Satie's songs, my result is this 4LP box. the pianist Jean-Joel Barbier is the French pianist also poet, he wrote long explanation of Satie's music and this recording on the booklet. he respects Satie's original idea and mind so much, so i can feel some difference from other Satie's records... i've never seen all of Satie's score by his hands... so i'm not sure Jean-Joel Barbier's interpretation is right to Satie or not... but i feel it's totally different from other "easy listening" versions!! he is also a poet, that's why he could guess and understand how to play his songs with Satie's mind...
well, music is just music... maybe some people prefer "easy listening" version to this record, even they love Satie's music... Satie already dead, so there is no answer now... we don't know what is the best playing of his music... then there wasn't recorders, so he had to write a lot of annotation how to play... at present, we can listen to recordings that were recorded by the composers or musicians under the supervision of composers, even we can't go to concerts... but we know recording is not same as concert... the best thing is listening live music by composers or musicians under the supervision of composers at the venues...
anyway i like this 4LP set very much as the closest to Satie's idea for me , i can't explain you what the difference is from other recordings by my poor English... so i can just recommend it to you if you'd like to listen to a good Satie's record...

Erik Satie Oeuvres Pour Piano


        2008-10-08       Sternklang / Kalheinz Stockhausen

maybe you know i've loved Stockhausen since i was 10 or 11 years old before i found rock music... (i wrote about this story with Stockhausen's "Telemusik" on 15th Sep.06) i like this record very much. because this song was composed for 5 groups. there is sub title "Park Music for 5 Groups". each groups have different instruments, some vocals and instruments are modulated by synthesizers! i wanted to know how they set up and played, so i read the notes, 5 groups played in the park, each groups should be able to hear each other, and bura bura bura... i don't care about concept... i'm interested in only just sounds! so i don't know the concept of this song... there are photos when they played in the park, it looks like strange picnic for me! hahaha... but unfortunately this record was recorded at studio in Paris... oh man...!!
anyway this music is so strange for me... like mixture of classical music, ethnic music and something else with electronics and modulation!! when i listened to it so long time ago, i felt like the sound from the berserk radio!!! what the crazy music is!! this is really "freak out" music for me!! (more than Zappa's "Freak Out"!!)
i spoke about Stockhausen a little on Wire magazine #296 (Oct.2008), if you're interested in, please check it out...


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