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Kawabata Makoto
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        2008-10-02       Jazz Guitar Bach / Andre Benichou and His Well-Tempered Three

i'm interested in many records from Nonesuch Records. they released many great recordings of medieval music, ethnic music and contemporary music! so i picked up this record when i found it at one store on last US tour... also i like kind of "bad jazz" like "Ragas and Reflections / Indo Jazzmen" (i wrote about it on 16th Jan.06) and something like classical music by jazz style... but always i have no idea what mean this kind of records have...??? hummm... maybe it is just for easy listening for people...? and it was just a kind of "easy way" to make so-called "new music" for musicians...?
unfortunately there is nothing as appeal of jazz, no swing, no interplay on this record!! it looks just the guitarist wanted to play Bach with his jazz trio... the bassist plays only like bass part of original Bach's music, not like typical jazz bass... but drummer plays so-called swing drumming... also i don't prefer Bach's music so much... what band music is!!! hahaha...
i bought it by only $1.00... so there are many scratches on both sides, especially side-B!! the music was arranged to like "cut-up" or "collage" by so many scratches!!! i enjoyed this record just as strange cut-up music!! hahaha! of course this cut-up record means there is only one in the world!! although i hate so much scratches on vinyls, in this case i can enjoy music with lots of scratches!! hahaha...

Jazz Guitar Bach


        2008-09-29       Speak No Evil / Buddy Rich and The Big Band Machine

i like Buddy Rich's drumming very much as the root of rock drumming also perfect rock drumming!! his drumming evoked Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice for me... Ian Paice is one of my favorite drummer, so of course i like Buddy Rich too!! (i wrote about it on "The Roar Of '74 / Buddy Rich" 19th Sep. 06 too...) but on this record what was released in 1976, he plays soul & funk music... probably it was a vogue at that time... though unfortunately i can't listen to his amazing drumming on this record so much, i like this kind of fusion like jazz funk... i like so-called 70s disco music like the TV program Soul Train!! hahaha...
the front jacket is like typical image of this kind of disco records!! i love it!! and backside is really funny, Buddy Rich wears like Karate costume with kung-fu weapon nunchaku!! what kind of image is it??
anyway it is better to listen to this kind of different music after playing such loud music as Acid Mothers Kaidan in last weekend...


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