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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-07-15       Vivaldi Lute and Mandolin Concerti / Jorg Faerber conducts Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra

although i don't prefer Baroque music so much, i love Vivaldi's works!! when i was a kid, my mother always played Vivaldi and Beethoven's records at home. (she hated any popular music!) so i remembered these songs and sang them with walking at that time...
always i'm interested in "real playing" about any classical music... of course it's impossible to listen to playing by musicians at that time... we just guess how they played by old instruments with tuning at that time (like a pure temperament)... so i bought this record that Lute and Mandolin play Vovaldi. of course i don't think this record is the real playing of Vivaldi, but i can imagine atmosphere a little... "real playing" means not just reprocucting for me... it's not difficult to reproduct this kind of old music by old instruments and the correct music books also good techinc! "real playing" for me is more including worth and sense of musicians at that time... i guess maybe music had more free and open mind... anyway why do any classical musicians aim at perfection? it's totally opposit way from my musical philosophy... must music be perfect? i don't think so... it's not important that musicians can play perfect or not... i enjoy this record just as an easy baroque music! (i have a compilation LP box set of this series too!) also i can enjoy at least Vivaldi's beautiful melody...

Vivaldi Lute and Mandolin Concerti


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