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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-10-01       Spirit Alive / The Monks of Weston Priory

i wrote i was interested in many religional music, before... i have such a big collection of the religious music... "Spirit Alive"... always this kind of title makes me laugh and enjoy a lot! by the way, why are there so many religious records in USA? also almost religious records except for gospel are sounds so nice for me!! (i can't hear lyrics, i just mind only music! it's typical my style!) i like this record very much as a good strange folk album!! it reminds me of J.A. Cesar (ex.Tenjosajiki, Banyuinryoku)!! of course monks sing in chorus on this record, although a bit strange melody!! this is typical J.A. Cesar's musical style! also monk's solo singing reminds me of my favorite acid folk singer Damon! i can enjoy it as a bizarre folk album!!
i like the photos on the front and back sleeves! their costumes have real meaning, it's not same meaning as any rock or folk groups even they wear like religional costumes! sometime serious thing makes me laugh... so i love this kind of records!!

Spirit Alive


        2007-05-28       Open Your Heart / Dominican Sisters

i really love to buy vinyls about any religions, its one of my hobby... so i have so big collection of vinyls about religions in my temple... i always look for Christian folk records on the US tour. there're too many Christian folk records in US!!! monks sing and play guitar!!! also families with big happy smile play this kind of music too!! what a funny music is!!! always their lyrics are like "thanks god" "viva Jesus!"... mamma mia!!! so i named them "Viva God Folk Music", hahaha... i really love to buy Viva God folk music records!!
this is the one of Viva God folk... The Dominican Sisters (they are real sisters in Pennsylvania) play so "neatly" "stoicism" folk music!!! i can't imagine why they can sing these lyrics so seriously! hahahaha...!
their music don't have any solemn... not same as Catholic hymn like Gregorian chant... their chorus has some more american folk atmosphere, also very simple guitar playing is so nice!!!! i don't believe any religions, but not anti-religions... some of my friends in US and Europe said me they hated anything what remained them their religions... they are like a religion allergy... but i'm not like them, so i can enjoy even these religional music as a bizarre cult music!

Open Your Heart

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