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        2006-08-10       Onna No Blues / Fuji Keiko

Fuji Keiko is the one of my favorite female enka ballad singer. this is her 2nd album (1970) including her 2nd single "Onna No Blues". (her 1st single "Shinjuku No Onna" and 3rd single "Yume Wa Yoru Hiraku" are included in her 1st album...) Fuji Keiko had big success since the biginning of her music career. the great songwriter Ishizaka Masao found her, he wrote many lyrics for her. the record company arranged the image of unhappiness to her, so all songs are very dark and sad atmosphere what japanese people likes...
i love her voice, so deep and so beautiful!! when i was a child, my mother didn't make me listen to any popular music what she hated. so she made me listen to only classical music. but she didn't care about only Fuji Keiko, because she likes Fuji Keiko's singing very much!! always my mother told me how unhappy Fuji Keiko was when she was a child. so i felt more sad atmosphere from her singing... when i was 16 years old, i found one Fuji Keiko's record at the record shop. then i was going to buy some hard rock or prog rock records... but suddenly i bought this Fuji Keiko album. it was this 2nd album. finally i discovered her again, her singing was my first experience of blues in my life... i've heard her records since that period many many times. when i go to Karaoke (very rare!), always i sing Fuji Keiko's songs...hahaha... anyway i really want to play with her even just one song... it's my dream... because she is my favorite blues singer...
she retired in 1979, she moved to Hawaii and NY, but made a comeback 3 years later. she moved to NY again and gave birth to a baby girl in 1983. Fuji Keiko, her husband and their daughter Utada Hikaru formed the unit "U3" in 1990 and played in NY, also they released one album by themselves in 1995. Utada Hikaru made a debut as a J-Pop singer in 1998, she got a super big success. then Fuji Keiko cancelled her contract with the record company, it means Fuji Keiko completely retired. young japanese people doesn't know Fuji Keiko, they know her only as Utada Hikaru's mother... oh man...!

Onna No Blues


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