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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2009-03-21       Shimizu Jirocho Den / Hirosawa Torazo

Hirosawa Torazo is the well known legendary Rokyoku singer. Rokyoku is also called Naniwabushi, it was originally a kind of street performance in 19th century... Rokyoku is that the singer sings and talks stories with a Japanese traditional instrument Shamisen. Rokyoku was really popular until 50s, especially radio made Rokyoku popular at that time...but when people started to watch TV, Rokyoku was out of vogue... and still now...
Hirosawa Torazo became really famous by this "Shimizu Jirocho Den"... even people don't know any Rokyoku nor even name of Hirosawa Torazo, almost people know a passage from this "Shimizu Jirocho Den"!!!
his voice of singing really remains me Captain Beefheaert! if Don Van Vliet listens to Hirosawa Torazo's singing, what will he think?
i just started to listen Rokyoku in recently... although i was not interested in Rokyoku even i heard Rokyoku on radio sometime... but a couple weeks ago, i listened to Hirosawa Torazo's recording on radio when i drove my car, i got so big shock!! what the great music is!! i discovered Rokyoku then!! singing and talking are great, also backing by Shamisen with female interjected chant "haa..", "yoooo...", "ohhh...", "ahhhh" are so great too!!! why wasn't i interested in Rokyoku until these days!!?? i need to alive at least more 10 years for understanding Rokyoku!! the life is always exciting!!! hahaha...
Hirosawa Torazo dead in 1964, so i had no chance to see his live performance...

Shimizu Jirocho Den


        2007-10-04       Journey To The Lord Of Power / The Halveti-Jerrahi Dhikr

this is the one of what is called Sufi mystic music. this is well known as one of the real trance music in the world... when i discovered Sufi music (maybe 19 or 20 years old), i wanted to know what made people trance from their music... at that time Tangerine Dream made me trance more than any ethnic music... i already understood any ethnic music had meaning only for local people also only they could understand their effects. so it didn't matter i couldn't understand Sufi music's effects... i think probably i don't understand their true musical effects still now... i just enjoy it as "music"... anyway i'm so interested in their minimal deeply homophony chorus very much!! although something is similar with Buddhism chants a bit, also something is similar with European polyphony a bit too... ancient people knew human voices had so strong power...??? if these Sufi singers will play with Tibetan Buddhism chants and Sardinian polyphony, what kind music can we listen to!!?? if the bworld will be "religious boderless", we can listen to more great fusion music!? also it'll be more peaceful world! why do any believers have so much big proud about own religion? if they believe their religions, that's enough... why do they need to mind also attack other religions? i think these are not religions, the true religion should be just personal. the true religion doesn't need mind any others... because each believers totally believe it! not true religions are just brain washing, so they have to make believers believe more and more...(they worry believers may discover they are not true religions!) people still doesn't know there is the true religion inside of each person's hearts...???

Journey To The Lord Of Power

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