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Kawabata Makoto
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        2010-01-02       Inside / Eloy

Eloy were the German prog-hard rock group. this album is their 2nd album...
i like Eloy as psychedelic meets prog rock!! the organ sounds are so great!! it remains me John Lord of Deep Purple, but this organ player Manfred Wieczorke's playing is more psychedelic style!
also their music is like some parts of early Deep Purple + psychedelic jam + effect by jet machine!!!
the end of side-A "Land Of No Body" is really like ecstasy jam!! hahahaha...
i feel almost German rock so-called Kraut Rock music is never flown away, always just floating... but Eloy's music are like "flown away to somewhere"...!! so like Eloy as "Trip Rock" very much!!!



        2009-12-31       Tarkus / Emerson, Lake & Palmer

i'm listening to ELP's great album "Tarkus" as the last record in 2009!
of course there is no reason, i just chose it with no idea... anyway i like ELP very much!!
especially the suite "Tarkus" is really great song for me. i feel this song is the root of prog rock, that's why it's including so many great riffs that gave many influences to other bands...!
but ELP is not prog rock group for me, they're "heavy rock" with some classical and jazzy elements... so i believe ELP is the one of greatest rock group on the history!!


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